Kid pants resized to fit toddlers

How has life been for you?
I have been busily homeschooling 3 little boys and (mostly) enjoying it! Its hard, don't get me wrong, but I like teaching them during the day and believe it or not it has been great to have them home! The one thing however that is hard with them being home all day is that I don't have time to sew, clean or do anything that used to take time that has been a very hard transition for me. I never realized how selfish I was until we restarted this homeschooling journey this Fall.
Anyways...onto the pants ;0)

 Parker has grown into a toddler baby and his personality has blossomed right along with that change (for better or worse, haha!). I love seeing his new faces and hearing the new words he says each day!

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 With all his growing up he has grown taller and needed new pants for the cooler weather that seems to be coming all to quickly. Why can't it stay Fall forever? I love the steady cool nights and days warm enough to do all you want outside with out a jacket or sweater.

So I decided to use some free patterns to make him a winter wardrobe. There is a huge list of all kinds of pants on the free patterns for boys page and after looking at them all I decided to try Dana's Kid Pants pattern. The only problem is that they are sized 2T/3T and Parker is barely in 18 months, I needed to resize the pattern if I wanted them to fit him.

 For an 18 month to 2T size I went with shrinking the pattern to 86.5% and made sure to put the arrows on the pattern page so they were touching. Parkers waist is 16 inches and these pants fit perfectly in the waist and bum area but were a little long, I will probably take off an inch in length. Now if your child has a waist bigger than 16 inches I would for sure add some width to the sides. 
Maybe I'll have to do a tutorial on it later?

Kid pants toddler style worked perfectly! He has already gotten some compliments on them and I love how they look!