Keep that bedding on tutorial!!

My boys are constantly messing up their beds and it drives me crazy, in fact that is an understatement I get seriously upset! Now it wouldn't bother me if it was just unmade or if the blanket was on the floor but it is completely taken apart! Sheets, mattress cover, all of it off and undone in moments every, single. day. sigh.....With that in mind I decided I needed to create or buy something that was easy for them to make and not easy to take off.  

 Bunkbed bedding (aka: bunkbed snuggler, endcap, hugger, whatever you call it) is what came up again and again in my searches but they were sooo pricey! Not to mention I didn't like any of the color choices available. Besides I liked the quilts we already had so I thought maybe I could make them! And thus this tutorial was born ;0)
This was their beds before and this is how they look now, most of the time ;0)

Onto the tutorial!
Bunk Bed Bedding Tutorial

 First step is to measure how thick the mattress is. Start at the bottom where the back/bottom of the mattress rests on the bunk board or your bed, go to the top of the mattress and write this measurement down. My mattress measured 9 inches.

Next measure from one side of the bed to the other side (make sure it is the width you are measuring). Then you will measure the length ( the longest part), marking where you want the blanket to lay on your mattress/bed, clear down to the end of the mattress curving down with the mattress to where it meets the bunk board or bed. Write these measurements down and measure the quilt or blanket to see if it is the right measurement.

If it is not the right measurement (an inch or so off is ok) then you will need to cut off the excess.  When cutting leave 1" extra on the bottom and side where you plan to cut so you can finish the raw edges. Do this by folding over 1/2" and then fold 1/2" again or serge or zig-zag stitch the raw edges and sew in place.
You want the blanket to rest on the sides and end of bed without having the blanket hanging a lot lower than the mattress.
In order to make the blanket fitted at the end you will need to cut out a square at the bottom of your blanket. Cut out a piece of paper that is the measurement of your mattress depth squared. My mattress was 9 inches so I cut my paper in a 9 inch square or 9 inches on all sides. 
Line up your paper to the end corner of your bedding.

Cut out your square! Basically only two lines that meet in the corner.

You will now bring one corner to the other with right sides together as shown.

See how they are lined up so nicely? Pin together. Do the other corner and sew! 

You will need to serge or zig-zag the raw edges to seal off any fraying and it will help strengthen the seam as well.

Tada! You now have nice fitting bunkbed bedding! Which can be used for beds other than a bunkbed, it just helps the blanket stay in place a little more and makes it easier to make the bed. 

Does it work for keeping the blanket in place you might ask? While the blankets do not stay 100% of the time it has greatly reduced them coming off and sometimes they even stay on for a few days, in a row! All in all it has been a great thing and SO much better than seeing a huge mess every day! And the kids can make their beds a lot easier now!
Feel free to ask any questions!