Home-school post with Free resources

I have talked a few times about how we are homeschooling but never in much detail. This is our second year homeschooling, they went to public school last year but were homeschooled the year before that. My parents were one of the "pioneers" of homeschooling in the early 80's when it was barely heard of and there weren't many options of curriculum made for homeschoolers so I guess you could say I have been a lifelong homeschooler ;0)
*Free resources at the end of post*

 When we first started in September I had everything planned out on what we were going to use and thought we were set! It wasn't that simple, unfortunately. Things involving children are never simple since they are so different and their needs vary so greatly! It has been a hard year getting into the groove but bit by bit we are finding what works for our family and getting better at going with the flow of how all of our needs change.

The thing I am loving the most is that Parker gets to be involved with his brothers learning. Every day he gets his crayons, markers and little book to "write" and gets his own books to read at reading time, its adorable and distracting, haha! 

Homeschooling is also one of the reasons I have been sporadic in my posting this last month. I keep getting distracted by all the good and cool stuff I am learning and researching! Oh and I'm teaching school for half a day, I guess that keeps me busy too ;0) While I do love homeschooling I also realize its a season of our life and next year it might change or we might do this forever. I'm open to anything as we see the needs of our kids develop and change. 

I don't have this all figured out but slowly we are finding what works for what kids. Its always a juggling game and never is the same but I guess that's why we chose it!

Here are a few Free sources we are or have used if you are interested! 
MEP its a complete curriculum for pre-school to high-school. This blog says how to use it, this one is a way to organize it.
Free math program has grades K-5 and has everything you need for a full math curriculum.
Math-Aids is a great site with tons of worksheets for all operations, even Algebra! I have been using it a lot lately.
Xtra-math is site that helps learn math facts, my boys have been using it for years and I am very pleased with how well it teaches the facts! 

FunFonix is great resource that can go along with simple readers to teach phonics. I found it worked well with any phonic program.
Progressive phonics is a complete reading and phonics program I am amazed at everything that is here at no cost!
I See Sam Books my mom used these for me and I have used them with all 3 of my older boys thus far, I love them and they love them! They progress at just the right pace and the stories are very cute without being too silly.

Art Tango has complete lesson plans for art, grades K-5.

Thunderbolt kids is a complete science curriculum for grades 4-6

Complete curriculum's
All in one homeschool, aka Easy Peasy, is a full curriculum for Pre-k to high-school. I am so impressed with this site! There is everything you need, Reading , Language arts, History, Science, Math, PE, Music, Art. Truly a blessing to those in need!

I hope this helps you in some way whether for home school or extra practice after school if your child needs it!