Tutorial Tuesday:Making a woven t-shirt tutorial

I've been playing around with woven shirts for a few years and I thought I'd share tutorial of one of them, aren't I nice? ;0)

Woven shirts can be so nice and fun when there are so many more choices available in most fabric shops!

 Here is the latest version of the woven t-shirt I've worked on.

This is one I made a few years ago for Preston and I LOVED this shirt so much <3 It fit perfect and looked so cute when he wore it. This shirt is a bit different than the tutorial I posted below but I thought the woven feel would still give you an idea of fabrics to use.

This is another version of the yellow plaid shirt above. As you can see a woven shirt is cute and it can be easier to find the fabric locally as well, which is another bonus!

On to the tutorial:

To start find a shirt that fits well and is somewhat loose. You will turn the shirt inside out and fold in half. Lay the shirt down on top of your fabric (also folded) so that the fold of the shirt is on the fold of fabric, as shown. 
You will now trace around the the shirt making a 1/2" seam allowance (or whatever you prefer) as you trace. Fold the sleeves following the curve as shown above.
For the neck trace where the neck binding attaches to the shirt and add a 1/4" seam allowance. You will need to fold and move the neck binding a bit at a time in order to trace onto the fabric.
Cut along your tracing lines.

Using your already traced shirt piece as a pattern cut out another bodice piece. Lining up the two pieces at the neck and shoulders cut one a bit lower at the neck for the front of the shirt, as shown above.

Now pout your two pieces together right sides facing each other and sew at the shoulders using a 1/2" seam allowance. 

Now we are ready for the placket! In order to make this placket for the buttons I will transfer you to this tutorial, it is laid out very well and was better than what I would have done myself so head over here for this part.

For the sleeves lay it out and trace along the hew and under the arm piece until it meets the shirt bodice piece. Be sure to make 1/2" seam allowance as you go.

Now flip the shirt over the sleeve (so the sleeve is still touching the fabric and the bodice is on top of the sleeve) so you can trace the curve where the sleeve meets the shirt. Fold right along the seam line and trace leaving a 1/2" seam allowance.

Here is your sleeve piece all cut out!
Pin your sleeve in the center at the top as shown.

Using your pin marker on the sleeve line up the sleeve to the center seam where the shoulder pieces connect. After pinning sew using a 1/2" seam allowance.

I forgot to get a picture of this step so here a borrowed picture from my Button- up shirt tutorial.
Now line up the sleeve and sides of the shirt and sew using a 1/2" seam allowance.

You will some bias tape or knit ribbing for this step. To get the length measure around the neck starting at one end of the placket and going around to the next end.

Pin one edge of binding or bias tape right sides facing along the neck line and then sew using a 1/4" seam allowance.

Next fold over the binding to the wrong side.Sew right on the edge of the binding (where the neck and binding seam is) on the right side as shown.

TaDa! Your beautiful neck line! 
Now hem up your sleeves and the bottom of your shirt using the seam allowance you made the hem.

Add buttons and you are done! I like using the *Kam snaps I bought on Amazon but buttons look great too.

A cute and fun shirt for the boys or girls!

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