Kid pants for the toddler

 I feel as though I have been far away the past couple weeks. We haven't gone anywhere and yet my posts here, on Instagram and Facebook have been sparse. There hasn't been a reason other than I just haven't felt like it.

Life has been busy with everyday life and most my time of late has gone into researching homeschooling stuff, that I usually don't even use, ha! Speaking of homeschool we have good days, bad days, days where I can't stand to homeschool anymore and then we get up and do it anyways. Its the flow of how things work in everyone's life, where you feel so tired of the routine but it still needs to be done so you push on to another day.

Our days have been cool and Parker had only 1 pair of pants and after making the last pair of Kid Pants I decided to make a few more!
They fit perfect and are exactly the fit I wanted for Parker!
I used the same technique as this pair but I did shorten these by 1" since Parker is on the small side ;0)

I really love free patterns and simple patterns which makes this project a win/win!


  1. Anonymous4:03 PM

    These Pants Are ADORABLE! Too Cute! Amazing Hand Work!


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