Pants for the oldest.

Broc needed more pants so I decided to play around with a pattern I own to see if I could make the sizing work for him.
I used the Nowhere Man pants pattern  in the size 10. I wasn't too pleased when I finished and it was very large on him like falling-to-the-ground-no-belt-can-help kinda large.

 I have made this pattern many, many, many times before but never in the larger sizes. In the smaller sizes the fit is better. I realize now that the waist runs small and the hips run large but it wasn't as noticable in those sizes; probably because they were for a different child whose body shape is different than Broc.

 Broc's waist is 23.5 inches and his hips are 26 inches the pattern called for (in a size 10) 24 inch waist and a 29 inch hip. I should have done 2 sizes down but I was really worried about the waist since the measurement for the 10 was so close to his size. Oh well live and learn!

I like this patern quqite a lot and Jerome is always asking for some in his size, lol! I need to try the size 8 or 7 for Broc and see if that works better. Good thing this was a muslin! I took in the waist 1/2 inch on each side and had to jimmy-rig the bum/crotch area to make them fit, all in all they are wearable but not my favorite pair I've made.

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