Nowhere Man shorts

As soon as I saw Shwin & shwin had re-released their nowhere man pants up to a size 10 I bought the pattern! It is so hard to find cute patterns for boys after  size 6 (even harder after 8) that I knew I would get good use out of them.

This was my first experience using shwin patterns and I was very pleased they went together flawlessly and were super easy to use!

There was even an option for making a faux fly but I decided against it this time, I am excited to try it for the next pair I make (you bet there will be a next time!)

 They are super comfy and B loved them too, he wanted to wear them the rest of the day!

If you want to try making pants I can't say enough how simple this pattern was and the little extra details she has really made the shorts turn out quite well.

Again with a silly pose from the boy ;o)