Teal pants for the win!

 Parker is 2 and finally growing! His doctor told me "Hes going to be short, sorry there is no other way to put it." I figured he might be since he was my smallest and is still the smallest in his Church nursery class. Now though he has grown a good inch maybe 2 and his pants are all too short.

 I used Dana's Kid Pants pattern again with my modifications except this time I only used 1/4" seam allowance to make them a bit bigger and used the right size elastic, oops! I didn't realize before she used 1/2" instead of 1' and it does make a HUGE difference!

 I haven't been sewing as much lately and I miss it. But on the other hand its also been kind of nice to take a break and see that my interests and life has evolved a lot since starting this blog! I'm still here and I will keep posting but I may pop in and out more sporadically than before (who am I kidding? I've always been that way, haha!)
Homeschooling has been going great but we are ready for a Summer break. Plus we may be looking for a house soon and I am SO excited but also very scared of change! I LOVE our yard here but we are renting from my mom and really want a place of our own. I'll definitely keep you posted!


6 Free patterns for boys!

My boys and I have been taking a lot more breaks in schooling, life, housework, sewing and everything to do anything away from being inside! We have been getting cabin fever and its almost summer which means we feel done homeschooling but we have a few more things to finish up before that can happen so I thought I would pop in and share a few new free patterns I have collected!

Some patterns listed will need a size chart to help with sizing. Go to my Free patterns for boys page to easily find the size charts I use.

This is the Baby Harvey Tee, isn't it so cute?! It comes in sizes 0-3 months and looks perfect for summer!

This romper is the cutest! It is so hard to find a boy romper and this one looks perfect! Its size 0-6 months, Check it out here!

This shorts pattern is a GREAT find! the size range is from newborn to size 12 years, approximately,  and they look to be very versatile! The pattern is in German but I just used google translate. The pattern is at the very bottom Labeled BLITZBUX.

This Raglan shirt looks like a great summer addition to any wardrobe for your boys! It is for sizes 6 months to 3T, go here to get it!

This muscle tee looks really nice and I'm not one to usually like them! This pattern is for size 5 and you can get it here!

These Rocker joggers are simply awesome! They come in sizes newborn to 6x and are very professional looking pants or shorts! The pattern is free but it will take you to a shopping basket page and ask you to put in a price, the blog says that no pay is necessary but if you wanted follow them by email or facebook that would be appreciated, it looks like they have quite a few great free patterns so it would be worth it!  

I hope your spring is going well and we'll see you soon!


Boys like dolls too.

For Christmas this year I bought Parker a baby doll and he absolutely loves it! My older brothers gave me a lot of flack for getting him a doll but I think its good for him to learn good "Daddy" skills while he is willing too ;o)
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Ever since Thanksgiving at Grandma Jones house he has been loving babies and I knew it was the perfect time to purchase a doll for him! I bought this baby boy from amazon after searching far and wide for a small, soft body, boy baby and I couldn't be more pleased! He is just the right size and such a cute little thing!

I went ahead and made a small bag for Parker to carry his babies gear and toy cars, of course ;0) I made it up as I went but it turned out great! If I ever figure out our scanner I'll post the pattern.

Next I made these tiny diapers so he could change his boy, it has been a big hit and he loves taking the diapers on and off! I made the pattern for these as well and am quite pleased with it.

 I ended up making 3 diapers, a bag and a teeny tiny blanket for him to wrap up his baby in. I went a head and bought a little stroller... that was pink, it was only $5 and I couldn't justify a blue one for 4 times that amount, lol! I didn't really care and neither did he as it turns out!

They are the best of friends and Parker drags him on many outings and sleeps with his baby every night and at naptime. I am basking in my only doll loving child as I know it will be short lived...sigh, I LOVE it!