Better Baby pants

Hello everyone! Have you noticed on my sidebar that I have a new affiliate?
  Tie Dye Diva
 Tie Dye Diva Patterns contacted me a few months ago and asked if I would like to try one of their patterns and become an affiliate. I said YES!!! of course ;0)
I was so excited to try the Better Baby Pants because I hadn't found a pants pattern for size newborn to 24 months that I really liked yet. My criteria was it be simple, since babies in that size range grow super fast, still be able to add any details I so desired but not have to add zippers or a faux fly. I was not disappointed!

 I made these in a very soft light blue linen no changes to the actual pattern; although I did add pockets to the front which are not a part of the pattern.

 I made them for my nephew Kaizen, (isn't he a cutie?) he is at the age where holding still is not an option hence the leg blur ;0)

 One other change I made was to make the back pocket bigger I made the pants in size 6-9 months and used the biggest pocket size (24 months).

It was a super easy sew I did it in 3 five to ten minute sessions and they were done! the instructions were really great, there is even a section teaching you how to lengthen or shorten pants the correct way, which I haven't seen before so it was a very nice addition. You can make these into ruffle butt pants for a girl version as well! The sizing is spot on. My nephew was in 6-9 months store bought and these fit exactly like those sizes. The legs are a straight leg which I wasn't sure about at first but I ended up liking them a lot! My sister said it has been easier for Kaizen to move around since he doesn't have all the extra fabric around his legs so I will definitely be making more straight legged pants from now on.

There are some really great patterns in her shop so be sure to check them out!

Those baby legs!! I love this and would totally make it...if I had a girl that is ;0)

There is even a cargo shorts pattern for up to size 8 that looks super simple but great looking!

This vest/hoodie is so cute!

Anyways go check out her shop and see for yourself what great things there are!
  Tie Dye Diva 
*I am an affiliate of tie dye diva patterns. I was given a pattern to test but all opinions are my own. 


Free boy patterns

Its been awhile since I've had a free boy pattern post so here you go!

Children's t-shirt
I just met a new friend Bryanna and her blog Sweet Shop Sewing is really great! She has a free download to her t-shirt pattern (sized 4T) and when you decide you love it you can buy it in sizes 2T-12 years! Awesome right? go here for the free pattern and here for her shop!

 Rae just released her just hatched baby leggings and the great thing is, it's Free! I love all her other free patterns so I'm sure this one will be awesome too, go here to get it!


 Free Download

 Goto patterns has a free baby legging pattern in three sizes! You need to sign up in order to recieve this pattern but you will get weekly tutorials and other goodies in your email each week! go here!

http://www.eleganceandelephants.com/2013/12/retro-sweatpants-pattern.html Elegance and Elephants has a pattern for Retro sweatpants sizes 12 months to 12 years! Go here to get it!

I hope you all have a great day!


A little bit of this and that

I have been MIA lately and I'm not just talking about my blog i mean in life. After Parker was born I got a really bad uti, then a week later we found out that I had an abscess in my left fallopian tube, which the doctor said was an anomaly since I had been pregnant and it should have protected me. So for 6 weeks I was terribly sick, in the hospital (once for an ER visit and later a stay that lasted 2 days) and practically bed ridden I was so weak and sick.
Now finally I am feeling normal I can walk, shop and do things I should have been able to do 2-3 weeks after Parker was born, you know after 2 months of pure misery ;0) I am starting to sew again I actually cut something out on Tuesday but that's pretty much it.... my limited time is even more limited with a baby haha! I have things to sew and that I need/want to make but it will take time.

Have I mentioned that we started homeschooling this year as well? It was rough after having Parker but now we are in a groove again and the boys are catching up :0) actually Broc will be moving onto the 4th grade math book next week so even with our breaks we are keeping up with everything. Carter is doing really well in reading and ready to read the magic tree house books and his math is strong too.

 So baisicly my life has been hectic and crazy and... well...just life I guess! Its been an adjustment having four kids but it really hasn't been bad. Sure there's more messes since I've been sick and I've also been either feeding Parker or trying to sleep! things have gotten out of control a few times but with good friends, family and help from our church we've managed!

But I'm better now (YESSS!!!) and hopefully you'll see more of this little guy (oh and his brothers haha!) and a few projects thrown in ;o)


Peanut Baby

 Imagine gnats has a free peanut baby pattern that I was dying to make the moment I saw it! So I whipped one up and made a little bag for it to sleep in as well.

 I hoped Preston would play with it but he looked at it and hasn't touched it since, boys.... oh well! 

It is quite possibly the easiest sew in the world and turns out so darn cute! I want to make 100! I have it in Parkers crib and maybe someday it will get played with but with a house full of boys I think it might only get loves from mommy ;0)


From Aunt Celeste

My little sister Celeste is a crochet queen and made this sweet little blanket for Parker and I really love it!

 The details are perfect and it is a simple and yet very pretty design.
The color in this photo is a little off it is more the color of the top photo. The size is small but perfect for wrapping a little baby in!
Thanks Cess for such a great and thoughtful gift!


P's new favortie pants

I made these pants before Christmas and before Parker was born but I hadn't blogged them yet. I am kind of out of commission right now with a newborn, plus I've been having complications and been super sick since little guy came so it was the perfect time to post these!

 I used Shwins nowhere man pants pattern this time in a size 4 it worked out pretty well!
The fit is a little big but that's fine since he'll grow into them.

 I accidently made the waist band a bit wider than I meant too so it sits higher than the pattern calls for. Oh well at least now I don't his little bum crack ;0)

I am really loving how easy this pattern is and I will be using it again and again I'm sure.
One bummer thing about sewing for kiddos is when they ruin something you made...like these pants for example now have a huge bleach stain on them :0/ How it got there I have no idea!


Nursery reveal!!!

I debated about whether or not I should post pictures of Parker's nursery because while I love it and it turned out exactly how I wanted it isn't really that spectacular at least not compared to what some other bloggers have done.... But it is my blog and I'm proud of this little nursery!

The space we had for the nursery is quite small and I searched everywhere to find a crib that would fit and still be able to put things under it. I ended up getting a mini crib (this one) from amazon and I am more than happy with it! A big bonus is it folds up super easy and will be ready to pull out whenever we need it without having to worry about losing screws ;0)

 The stuffed animals are gifts from friends and grandma. The blanket was made by my mother-in-law.

 I used this tutorial for the crib skirt it took me literally 15 minutes to make (if that) and looks even better in person! 

 Here is a close up of the skirt back and how it attaches to the crib.

 For the bumpers I used this tutorial as a start but I didn't use the bias tape. I sewed the bumper fabric into a tube and threaded the batting through it. I made each section separate so I could take one off if I wanted.

(yes i know there is a debate about bumpers being safe I like to use them however until my little ones can move around. Too many times I have found their little limbs sticking out between crib bars turning blue so I choose to use them)

 The Love art was made by me using a box lid, fabric and a glue gun :0) the decals on the wall are images I found, printed, cut and stick glued to the wall.
 I love my little monkey I found as a free printable and added washi tape to make a frame.

I was very blessed to only need to purchase the crib and mobile all the fabric was from my grandma and I used my creative brain for the rest lol!

 This post contains affiliate links.