Owl baby girl gown

Sewing for this baby girl has been so fun! It isn't quite what I imagined (when is it ever?) but I am so happy to finally be sewing for a  little girl! I still will sew for my boys but right now they are good with their clothes and as you can imagine after 4 boys I don't have any girl clothes ;0)

 On my last post I mentioned baby gowns and this is the one I have made time and time again! I love it. It was the first knit fabric sewing pattern I ever used and it turned out great! I learned a lot from the pattern instructions and have never been scared of sewing knit fabric since.

 The pattern I use is Kwik sew 3090. There are many free patterns that seem to be about the same   (here for example) but I really the size range of this pattern and will use it probably forever! The fit of the neck is probably the best part, I hate it when gowns show the shoulder or slide off but this has never happened with this pattern. Also the fit everywhere is spot on so I never have to guess if its really going to fit that age.

I didn't use the sleeve option it comes with I just did a basic cuff. 
I love gowns on newborns and even my older babies it makes it so easy to change at night and they are so much cuddlier with their tiny little feet and legs curled together <3
 I'm not sure where I got the fabric but here is some that has owls and is so cute!

I'm getting excited to have our baby here only 7 weeks left!!!

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Top 5 Free baby patterns

With number 5 on the way I thought it would be fun to see what free patterns I have used the most with my babies! After going through many years of sewing for babies I have realized I use mainly 5 patterns for my babies (1 is new for this baby and its not the dress ;0) 
Sewing is so fun for babies because so little fabric and time is required! I have a ton of free patterns listed on my free patterns for boys and free patterns for girls pages so you can sample as many as you want!

So without further ado here is my go to list:

I have used this newborn pants pattern so many, many, many times and each time they are just perfect for newborns. Rae's patterns are fast becoming some of my favorites go here to check this one out!

I love newborn gowns and this pattern is great! I love how easy they are and how cuddly babies are in them <3 I have made too many to count but here are a few, here, here, and here. This pattern is not the exact one I use but it is so darn close that I am including it, go here to get it!

Evelope shirts are by far my favorite thing on babies they are so easy to put on and take off and they look so cute! I have made this pattern a lot and it is a good one! It is exactly on size so if your kids run big in their sizing at all then go up for sure, also be sure to add the seam allowance after printing. Go here to get this amazing pattern!

 The little geranium dress is about the best dress pattern out there! I love how easy it is and how professional it comes out when finished. I have made this many, many, many times and it is a favorite for sure! In fact I went ahead and bought the full size range I love it so much <3 Go here to try it too!

homemade baby pants
I have been making these pants for so long (6 years to be exact!) These are perfect for when you little one grows out of Rae's newborn pants! It is a simple but very easy and forgiving pattern, go here to check it out!

Now for the new pattern: The Ringer onesie! I have just started sewing this one but I can see it will be a staple from here on out! It is easy and fast to sew and looks so good when done! I have already made a few and I will be sharing soon ;0) go here to get this awesome free pattern!

Questions for you:
1. Do you like sewing for babies?
2. What age is your favorite to sew for?
3. Is there a specific free pattern you've been looking for?

I hope you enjoyed this round up!


First dress for our girl

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas! Ours was great we went to my in laws where it is 10-15 degrees warmer and so it was nice to get outside a bit more without freezing!

This is the first dress I have made for our daughter (so weird to say that!) I used the geranium dress pattern from Made by Rae and the fabric was from a long time a go, I think I bought it at Walmart.

I have made this dress before for my niece and it was coincidentally in the same fabric! I didn't have the pattern at that time though so I used the free version. I now own the pattern since I promised myself I would buy it if I ever had a girl and I did very shortly after finding out we are expecting one!
We are excited and I will be posting a few other things I will make as I make them. 
 I will still have boy posts but I will also, finally, have a few girl ones too!