Friday finds

I thought I would share 6 random things I have found, use or enjoy. I love when other blogs do this and I have found some really great stuff that way so hopefully you'll enjoy it as well!

 First off this post contains affiliate links but all products are ones I use or have in my wish list waiting (wanting) to buy and therefore all the opinions expressed are my own.

 Since Parker started walking I decided that he really needed shoes and I was pleased to find that Amazon had some cute inexpensive options. These shoes were perfect with flexible soles, different colors ( I bought the blue and the brown options) and they stay on his feet! Bonus they are only 4.99 (with $2 shipping) I love them so much!

In case you haven't noticed I love dolls! I really love them. When my husband and I were thinking about starting our family all I wanted was a girl so I could buy her dolls, play with her and make dolls clothes for our dollies, sigh.  
But I have boys and despite my best efforts none of them have ever wanted a doll ;-) I do regular research on dolls and while I think American girl dolls are top notch I have to admit that I plan on buying this doll someday. The Adora brand gets pretty good reviews on all their 18" dolls and seem like they are better quality than the Walmart or Target ones and are more than half the price of American girl dolls so... Someday....

Much like Dolls I LOVE and research sewing machines constantly; in fact my dream is to someday own a sewing machine shop with good quality, well priced machines. I have a whole page dedicated to my many different sewing machines I've used over the years. 
This Singer machine is one of my latest finds! I am actually really excited about it and really, really want to buy it! It gets Excellent reviews everywhere I have looked and has an unbelievable perks for such a well priced machine! I normally steer everyone away from Singers (I usually only like the vintage ones from the 1970's) but this machine seems to be an exception and I would very much like to buy it for my... ahem, collection :0) 

You guys I am SO , so in love with this crib! I cannot believe it took til my fourth baby to find it! The size is mini but I love that it looks like a normal sized crib and that I can put baskets underneath. We have been using it for 15 months now and I will never go back to a regular crib again, I love this size so much! I can move it from room to room without folding it and even when I need to fold it, it is so. easy. Ok enough about the crib ;-)

Parker is constantly getting ear infections and this has made our life so much easier! I can tell now if he has one for sure before taking him to the doctor it is saving us some serious $$. We've tried two other brands but this one was the best. While I'm at it I might as well recommend this ear syringe cause he gets some really big wax chunks in his ears (I don't know why) but it has also saved us from doctor visits, $$ and more infections. 

You might think I'm crazy but this game is seriously  SO FUN! My family and I have been playing it non-stop at get togethers and having a blast! We love card games (heck, any game) and this made our approval list of favorites!

Well I hope you all found some good stuff here and I'll see next time!


Tutorial Tuesday: Adjustable Waistband

It is Tuesday which means I am going to share a tutorial, also known as Tutorial Tuesday!

For today's tutorial I am going to show you how to make an adjustable waistband for shorts or pants that do not have one. It is very easy and anyone can do it; even if you can only sew straight lines you can do this!

*This post contains affiliate links to amazon*

What you'll need:
Elastic, either button-hole or knit 
Sewing machine and thread

First off we will be putting the bias tape and elastic from pocket or side seam on one side to the other pocket or side seam on the other side. so start by measuring from side to side and cut your bias tape accordingly, making sure to add about 1" extra.

Fold the ends under like so so the raw edge will not be out; or don't because when using bias tape it will not fray much because of the way it is cut, its completely up to you ;0)

Take your bias-tape and pin on the inside of the waistband, starting at the pocket or side seam (it doesn't really matter) all around the back side to the other side. You'll want to center it on the waistband as best you can.

Now if your shorts/pants have belt loops and you want to be able to use them, unpick the seam at the top of the waistband.

Then fold back and pin out of the way.

We will be sewing right on the edge of the bias tape.

Sew all along one side of the biastape and then sew the other side making sure to leave the ends open.

Now if you did not buy or have button-hole elastic we will go ahead and make some!
You will need Knit elastic to do this. The way it is weaved will make it so it will not unravel.

Taking your seam ripper cut, in between the lines, little button holes. I did mine about 3/8" long and did them about a 1/2" apart. do this all along the length of your elastic. It should be measured 2-3" longer than the bias tape you measured earlier.

Place a safety pin in one end and thread through the casing you made from the bias-tape.
Add a button at each end of the casing (about 1/2" away from the end of the bais-tape) and pull the elastic button-holes on the buttons! Use them just like you would sore bought adjustable pants!
*If you want to stabilize the elastic so it doesn't get pulled out, sew one seam in the middle through the elastic so it will stay in place.*

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Now you can add an adjustable waist in minutes to any pair of pants and it will look professional!


Piano Bag tutorial

Broc is taking piano lessons and last weekend I finally made him a bag to carry all of his books. It only took me two years to do it but at least we now have a place to keep his books! I used some cute music fabric my sister-in-law gave me so we all remember what the bag is for ;0)

Bags are very easy to make and they are nice to have around for a pool bag, book bag or a laundry bag. There are so many things you can use a bag for! I particularly like this pocket on the front. Its where we keep the pencil for Broc's theory book (we never seem to have one when he needs it) and a small pocket for notes for his teacher. It really has made getting ready for lessons a lot easier and I'm not sure why I didn't do it sooner!

Its the perfect size and we love it!

Yes I know its not Broc (I didn't completely forget who my kids are, lol!) but I could not find that silly boy for pictures so I used Carter instead, whatever works right? ;0) The handle is perfect for their little hands and I like that it is black to hide the dirt smears that I'm sure it will get. They are hard playing boys after all!

Would you like to make one too?
I made a tutorial! I tried a new way let me know if it makes sense!

 Pieces you need to cut out. Measurements are what I used for our books but really any size will work.

For the Bag:

Handle Pieces:

Pocket Piece:

Adding the pocket and handles:

Here is another picture of what I did with the pocket for better reference.

You Are Finished!!! Yay!

Voila! You have a great bag for your piano books,  your library books or as a gift! 

All my boys love it so I might have to make a few more. Have fun sewing!