Kids clothes week and fourth of July outfits!!

Summer has been crazy! With all the kids’ home from school and a baby that is mobile as well things have become really unorganized. I have so many plans and every day I work a bit on them only to have a small bit of progress which is swallowed by the daily happenings of four children. All that to say I meant to post this on Monday but it has taken me 3 days to get this written, I guess that means summer is in full swing and we are enjoying it!

When I first mentioned that I might make the boys a 4th of July shirt (our nation’s celebration of signing the Declaration of Independence) they asked if they could all have shirts and shorts that matched. I wasn’t sure at first but the sizing between the boys makes it impossible to buy anything matching for all 4 so make them I did!

 The shorts were made using Dana Kid shorts pattern; except for Parkers I used this one from Caila Made which I also used on these shorts. The sizing and fit of both patterns are perfect! The only change I made was I added 2 inches in length on Brocs (he’s the tall one ;0).
I love a stack of freshly sewn shorts!
For the shirts I used Rae’s flashback skinny Tee using the same measurements as I did here. For some reason my machine’s tension wasn’t working quite right and it took to the last shirt to get nice hems. Now I know what setting I like best for that weight of knit though so it’s all good! 
Drawing Supplies
That wraps up this kids clothes week and my 4th clothing for the boys! You know from all the kids clothes week challenges I have participated in this outfit here is my favorite and it has since been passed onto to Preston who also loves it! That is why I try to participate each time, I like it when I make something for them that becomes a favorite and is worn out from wearing it so much. that is my motivation and my drive to keep at it even though it can be frustrating at times ;0)


2 for the Baja

 Day 2 kid's clothes week and I (miraculously) made two things!

Broc saw this shirt from Uncle Robert and loved it so I made it fit him ( I used the same measurements as this one) and now he thinks he is a pretty cool kid ;0)

As soon as this button-up shirt was done Broc put it on and said "I always will wear these together from now on!"  I have to admit I was pretty surprised by that statement. He has never said or acted like he cares what he wears before but he really liked the Baja T-shirt layered with the button-up shirt

He is growing up and actually starting to get his own sense of style. Notice the shorts and how well they match? *insert eye roll* He felt good about the clothing I made today which makes me happy and want to sew more for him! A win win :0)

Ps. I got a new camera, Yay! I will be hopefully getting to know it better soon :0)


Hollister shirt

Its Kid's Clothes week starting today! from the 22-28 the goal is to sew for your kids for 1 hour every day. I've participated a few times but rarley for the whole week due to my, ahem, kids haha! We'll see what happens this time ;0)

Broc is in need of clothing the most, it seems, I guess that's what happens when you are the oldest child! First for clothing, first to ride a bike, first for getting in trouble and the first child we get to experiment learn from. Hopefully we don't mess him too bad ;-)

I have clothing planned to sew for the other boys but Broc grows so quickly and is tall for his age. The other boys can wear things twice as long and end up with quite a bit of hand me downs so their need isn't as great. Yes I'm rambling. I'm trying to justify making more for this boy lately, lol!

The shirt is an old one from my youngest brother, I resized it for Broc so he could wear something "cool" (aka: anything from Uncle Robert).

I used the Flashback skinny tee with a few adjustments. I did the 9/10 size but added 1/2 inch on both sides as well as the sleeves. I felt that the tighter fit didn't look right on Broc. I know now I prefer the looser/tighter fit for his shirts and will be doing this change from here on out.

I did not re-size the neck and as you can see the fit is perfect! I fiddled and adjusted until I had the neckline just where I needed it to be so I wouldn't loose any of the name "Hollister" on the front.
It was a quick project that took me all of 15 minutes... give or take a few ;-)

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