My small space sewing room!

I have had this post saved for months, but I could not find the pictures and my camera wasn't working right when I tried to download the pictures, so it has been delayed but here it finally is!

Last Christmas my husband altered one of the closets in our master bedroom to a sewing "room" for me. It is small but just big enough I can sit at my seat and close the door if I want., however I usually leave it open...unless I'm hiding from everyone in my house 😉

Everything fits nice and snug! It has been really nice to able to have everything I need in this small space, and to able to shut the door! My kids kept playing with my things (before we made a this space) and it mad me so mad! Sometimes other people would come over, and not realize my sewing scissors are sacred would use them on material other than fabric 😠 Needless to say I really like having it put away, and not in the open anymore!

 There is just enough space on the table my machines are on to put projects I'm working on there. I have my thread above my machine on the left side of this picture (you can't see them), and with the peg board right behind my machines everything is just in reach when I'm sewing.

These shelves are on the right and above my head when I sit. I have most of my fabric, and all of my patterns on these shelves. The patterns are in that big red binder folded into sheet protectors, this has been the best system for patterns! I love that I can see each pattern so easily and that I can put it away so nicely. I also have a dresser in my room with 3 drawers filled with sewing things, and fabric.

I have added this table and it fits perfectly behind my chair and I can still shut the door! I pull it out and have a cutting or pattern tracing space now too. I seriously LOVE this table! 

So that is my little sewing space my husband and I have created <3 

 Do you have a sewing space?
Do you like the area you currently sew in?
What changes would you make if you could?


Petite Pegs and Peplum

I LOVE sewing for my baby girl and I LOVE this pattern so much! 
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I made some more Petite pegs for Violet and I Love them so much! This outfit fits Violet perfect! She has received so many compliments wearing it and I love saying "Thanks I made it!".

I used the Petite Pegs pattern for the leggings and the fabric is scraps I think I got from fabric fairy a long time ago.
The shirt is the Flash back Skinny Tee which I love as well! I cut off 3" inches and added 4" in double the width for a peplum look. The fabric is an Old Navy tee.
Here are some feather knit prints on Amazon that are super adorable that would be so cute as leggings!


Mommy and Me outfits!

Hello friends!
I have been sewing a bit more of late and wanted to show off my sweet baby girl and our matching shirts I made!

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Ever since we found out we were going to have a girl I wanted to make matching outfits for us! I am not big on super matchy-matchy stuff but honestly doesn’t every mom and daughter need at least one outfit that goes together? Well I finally ordered some fabric and made sure to get enough for both of us! 
I feel like sewing has really taken a back burner for the last year and really that is the way it should be after all, I’m a mom of 5, homeschooling again, and sewing is not my number one priority all the time (sad I know but life, ya know ;)

Anyways back to the outfits, I recently discovered Patterns for Pirates from a friend and so I bought a few of their patterns so far I love them! They are easy and the best part is No Cut pages seriously, it saves me sooo much time when getting the patterns ready!

The patterns I used for Violet are free patterns of theirs the Wee Lap Tee and Petite Pegs. I made them following the measurements but found I needed to size down on the leggings I used the 12 month size at the start but they were too big so I sized down and they fit Voilet perfect now!

My shirt is the slim fit raglan and again I had to size down from the size I measured for, I asked about that on their Facebook page and no one else seemed to size down so I think it may just be my body or measurements combined with how I like my shirts to fit. I LOVE, LOVE this pattern and how easy it was to sew up! Plus the directions were amazingly great, a must for pdf patterns.

I love our matching shirts so much and I LOVE having this sweet girl in our family <3

Amazon recommendations


Free raglan patterns for the whole family!

This year I have decided to sew more for myself!
Sewing more in general is also a goal of mine since it has gone by the wayside in the last year. It is a funny thing I thought a baby girl would inspire me to sew more but it didn't! I have made less for baby girl than I did for anyone of my boys, shocking really. But that needs to change. I miss my machines and I miss the sewing process!

To start I thought I would share a few free patterns your whole family can use! That's right women, men girls and boys! These are all printable patterns with a tutorial to make things a bit easier, hey some of us need all the help we can get ;0) 

Mens Raglan T-shirt Pattern and Tutorial - Make a raglan tshirt with this free pattern - Melly Sews
Melly sews has a free Mens raglan t-shirt to start off it comes in size medium. I love her patterns and this free one will give you a taste of her excellent instructions!

free raglan shirt pattern sizes 18m-10y for boys and girls from Life Sew Savory
Life Sew Savory has a free pattern for sizes 18 months to 10 years with a few variations! I think this would be a great one to try for multiple sizes!

It's Always Autumn has a great pattern for women in size large. I love all her variations of this pattern! You could try my hack to size it smaller too. 

Sew a Raglan-style Tunic top for your little one using this free PDF pattern in sizes 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.
Scattered thoughts of a crafty mommy has this darling tunic raglan for the girls! This is great and comes in sizes 4-8 years!

Infiknit Fabrics | See Kate Sew
For the babies See Kate Sew has a pattern for sizes 6-12 months! It is an adorable shirt and it will give you a sample of her excellent patterns as well!

I hope these patterns inspire you to sew more! I know they have me :0)


Geranium Blessing dress

It all started when I saw a blog post by Ashley about how she made a blessing dress for her baby girl. It never occurred to me that someone could actually make their own blessing or christening dress or that they would even want to! I devoured that post, I read every single detail in her tutorial like I was starving and it was my first meal in years.

Well a few years and another boy later I let that dream slip by, I figured I never would make one at this point so why dream about it? Then we had an ultrasound and found out that we were expecting a girl, a real girl and suddenly my dreams of making girly things came to life! It took only a couple months to realize 2 things, I was having my 5th baby and had less time than ever to sew, secondly in my dreams I could sew like a mad woman but in reality I am a slow sewer and have limited projects I can finish.

With little time I had I decided to use a dress my sister had given me with my 1st baby (I wanted a girl from the start) but never was able to use. A week before the blessing date I looked at the blog post that I devoured years earlier and decided I needed to make a dress for my little girl. It would be something I would regret the rest of my life if I did not.

I realized that my most favorite dress pattern ever was the perfect fit for what I wanted; I had made it so many times it would be quick and I loved the design. I thought about it for days and then found all my fabric surprisingly around the house. A new but too small men’s dress shirt and a barely used sheer curtain became Violets dress. Everything was perfect. I made the smallest size in the bodice. For the skirt portion, I sized up one size and added extra fullness, and then I added the sheer layers on top before sewing together. I embroidered a little floral pattern along the neckline and the dress I had seen so many times in my mind became real.

This dress was the embodiment of years of yearning and dreams that I never thought would be realized. It is funny how something so materialistic can hold so much emotion, isn’t it?
Pattern: Geranium dress
Fabric: A Men’s dress shirt and a sheer curtain