Free Boy Patterns

Free Patterns for Boys

Below are all patterns that you print, are free and not just a tutorial.

Some patterns are in another language here is the size chart I have used to estimate what sizes they are. This size chart is for the Japanese patterns.


Shirts, jackets, rompers, one piece, vests, ect.

  Button-up baby romper 6months
Button-up baby romper 6months

Fleece vest 2t-5t

Charlie sweatshirt 6-12 months

Tiny tank 3 months

Tiny T 0-12 months

Baby sleep sack 6-14 months

Jersey dungarees 3 months

Little kimono set 0-3 months

Envelope shirt newborn-2t

newborn onesie

Jumpsuit 6 months

Reversible vest 12 months

Romper 0-24 months

Keaton coat 2-3 years

Baisc T-shirt 2-4t

Lapped hoodie 0-3 months

Suit Jacket 12 months

Rocking newborn gown

Button-up shirt 12-18 months

Mens shirt romper 6-12 months

Unisex vest 6m-5y

Summertime romper 18m-3T

kimono onesie 3-12 months

The tank 12m-14Y

Kimono top 6M-8Y (email for pattern)

Button-up shirt 3-6 months

Long sleeve shirt size 18m-4y

Raglan sweater size 3T/4T

newborn Kimono onesie

One hour Pj's size 2t-4t

Raglan sweatshirt size 12-18m

Baby Romper size newborn

Shoulder button onesie sizes 3-9m

Raglan shirt sizes 18months-6T

Rohan hoodie size 2-6y

Scrubby Jams top size 2-5y

Simply Summer Romper size 12m

Tuxedo Tee 3T

Sleep sack newborn to 6 months

Hipster hoodie 3T

Fleece vest size 4, 5t

Childrens T-Shirt size 4T (can also buy sizes 2T-12 years)

Postman jacket size 7y

Raglan sweater size 3t/4t

Tank and undies size 3t/4t

Sleepy Robe size 18m-8y (email for pattern)

Muscle Tanks size 5

Reversible vest size 5T

Pool robe size 6-7

Rolled sleeve shirts size 6y

The tank 12m-14Y

Basic Tee size 4-5y

Kimono Top size 6m-8y (email for pattern)

Unisex vest size 12m-5y

Harmonica Jacket size 5/6y

T-shirt size 2t-4t

Hooded sweatshirt size 8y

Raglan size 4-8y

Woven shirt size 4y

Raglan Tee size 6y

PJ set size 4T

Raglan shirt size 18m-6y

Pajama Rama size 4t

Tank size 5/6y

Foxy Pajamas size 12m-8y

Raglan shirt size 6y

30 minute shirt size 1-8y

Batwing top size newborn-5y

Rohan hoodie size 2-6y

Raglan top size 1-8y

Scrubby Jams top size 2-5y

Holiday Vest 5 years

Boys Blazer 8 years

Day Camp shirt & shorts 2t-5t

Cowl neck T-shirt 5T

Scuba Hoodie 0-6T

Boys Tank size 6-7 years

Cerro torre shirt sizes 2-6 years

Kindergarten Raglan size 6

Punk Vest size 5

Polo shirt sizes 2 years to 7/8 years

Romper size 9 months

T-shirt sizes 2T to 4T

Oversized hoodie 12 years


Newborn baby gown

Michael's Cool Shirt size 2T

Wool jacket size 0-6 months
Bottoms, shorts, etc.

Cargo Pants size 1-8y

Tiny explorer pants size 12m

Retro sweatpants size 12m-9y

Baby leggings (you must sign up for their emails)

Just hatched newborn leggings

Tiny Harem pants size 3m

Small fry skinny jeans size 2t

kids underwear size 2t-6y

Knickers size 2/3t (has a ruffle leave off for a boy)

Lani Overalls size2-3y

Baby briefs size 2y

Newborn cuffed pants

Overalls size 2t-3t

Simple shorts size 2t

Training pants size 2t

Sarouel pants size 2T

Little leggings size 0-12m

Reversible knit baby pants size 3-9m

Summer shorts size 2y

Baby shorts size 3m

Taylor's pajama pants size 6m-8y

Aidan's shorts size 6m-8y

Basic newborn pants

Simple baby pants size 0-12m

Baby overalls size 6-12m

Baby Snap cargo pants size3-6m

Kid pants size 2-3y

Baby leggings size 9-12 months

Bunny pants size 2-3T

Fox Pajama bottoms size 5T

Baby skinny jeans size 6m

Kid casual pants size 2/3T

Charlie Harper Pajama pants size 3T

Boy pants size 3y

Brief swimsuit size 3T

Tank and undies size 3t-4t

Boy shortall size 3y

Knit shorts size 3y

Boxer briefs size 3/4t

Potty training pants size 3T

Romper size 6-12m

Knit sport shorts size 3t

Baby shortall size 3m

Newborn footed pajama bottoms

Summer pants size 6m-6y

Mesh pants size 2-10y

Toddler Dungarees size 2y

Small fry skinny Jeans size 2T

Pajama Rama knit size 12-18m & 6Y

Unisex Sweatpants size 2-10y

Easy Pajama pants size 6m-7y

Pajama pants size 1-8y

P.J. bottoms and shorts size 2-7/8y

Sycamore Shorts size 12m-8y

Day Camp shorts 2t-5t

Knit baby pants 3 months

Little leggings 6 months-2T

E-cords 18 months

Bottoms up Pants 2T (pattern at end of post)

Baby leggings & shorts 6-12 months

Harem Pants size 18 months

Perfect pants size 2T

Monkey Bum Pants sizes 6 months to 12 months

Cargo Pants size 12 months

Teddy Bear overalls size newborn to 18 months

Taylor's pajama pants size 6m-8y

Aidan's shorts size 6m-8y

Fleece pants size 3m-7/8y

Summer pants size 12m-6y

Mesh pants 2-10y

City gym shorts sizes 2-11y

Daniel trousers size 2-8y

T-shirt trunks size 4y with instructions for up-sizing to 8y

Cargo pants size 1-8y

Retro sweatpants size 12m-12y

Nautical Pants size 2-5y

Rapid pants size 2-4y

Kipper Capri size 4y (leave ruffle off for boy)

Kid shorts size 7y

Kindergarten pants size 5y

Child boxers size 5-6y

shorts size 1-5/6y

Jeans sizes 3/4 to 7/8y (in Japanese)

Boy cargo shorts size 3/4 to 7/8y

Pajama pants 18m-5T

Sunny Day shorts 6months-12years

Robin Pants size 5T

Knit shorts 6/7 & 8/10 years

Rohan shorts 2-6 years

Perfect pants size 3T to 4T

Boxer briefs size 3/4t

Bermuda shorts 1-8 years

Summer shorties 12 months to 8 years

Casual pants size 3t/4t

Day Camp shirt & shorts 2t-5t

Slim sweats 5T

Reversible mesh shorts 2T-10 years

Mitwachs pants newborn-14/16 years

Pajama pants size 5T

sweet dreamer pants size 12 months to 5T

Newborn overalls

Harem Pantssize 18 months to 4T