Free Boy Patterns

Free Patterns for Boys

Below are all patterns that you print, are free and not just a tutorial.

Some patterns are in another language here is the size chart I have used to estimate what sizes they are. This size chart is for the Japanese patterns.


Baby boy size newborn to 3 years

Shirts, jackets, rompers, one piece, vests, ect.

Button-up baby romper 6months

Fleece vest 2t-5t

Charlie sweatshirt 6-12 months

Tiny tank 3 months

Tiny T 0-12 months

Baby sleep sack 6-14 months

Jersey dungarees 3 months

Little kimono set 0-3 months

Envelope shirt newborn-2t

newborn onesie

Jumpsuit 6 months

Reversible vest 12 months

Romper 0-24 months

Keaton coat 2-3 years

Baisc T-shirt 2-4t

Lapped hoodie 0-3 months

Suit Jacket 12 months

Rocking newborn gown

Button-up shirt 12-18 months

Mens shirt romper 6-12 months

Unisex vest 6m-5y

Summertime romper 18m-3T

kimono onesie 3-12 months

The tank 12m-14Y

Kimono top 6M-8Y (email for pattern)

Button-up shirt 3-6 months

Long sleeve shirt size 18m-4y

Raglan sweater size 3T/4T

newborn Kimono onesie

One hour Pj's size 2t-4t

Raglan sweatshirt size 12-18m

Baby Romper size newborn

Shoulder button onesie sizes 3-9m

Raglan shirt sizes 18months-6T

Rohan hoodie size 2-6y

Scrubby Jams top size 2-5y

Simply Summer Romper size 12m

Tiny Harem pants size 3m

Small fry skinny jeans size 2t

kids underwear size 2t-6y

Knickers size 2/3t (has a ruffle leave off for a boy)

Lani Overalls size2-3y

Baby briefs size 2y

Newborn cuffed pants

Overalls size 2t-3t

Simple shorts size 2t

Training pants size 2t

Sarouel pants size 2T

Little leggings size 0-12m

Reversible knit baby pants size 3-9m

Summer shorts size 2y

Baby shorts size 3m

Taylor's pajama pants size 6m-8y

Aidan's shorts size 6m-8y

Basic newborn pants

Simple baby pants size 0-12m

Baby overalls size 6-12m

Baby Snap cargo pants size3-6m

Kid pants size 2-3y

Baby leggings size 9-12 months

Bunny pants size 2-3T

Fleece pants 3m-7/8y

Baby skinny jeans size 6m

Kid casual pants size 2/3T

Charlie Harper Pajama pants size 3T

Boy pants size 3y

Brief swimsuit size 3T

Tank and undies size 3t-4t

Boy shortall size 3y

Knit shorts size 3y

Boxer briefs size 3/4t

Potty training pants size 3T

Romper size 6-12m

Knit sport shorts size 3t

Baby shortall size 3m

Newborn footed pajama bottoms

Summer pants size 6m-6y

Mesh pants size 2-10y

Toddler Dungarees size 2y

Small fry skinny Jeans size 2T

Pajama Rama knit size 12-18m & 6Y

Unisex Sweatpants size 2-10y

Easy Pajama pants size 6m-7y

Pajama pants size 1-8y

P.J. bottoms and shorts size 2-7/8y

Sycamore Shorts size 12m-8y

Little Boy sizes 4T to 8 years
Shirts, Tanks, Sweaters, Jackets, vests, ect.


Fleece vest size 4, 5t

Childrens T-Shirt size 4T (can also buy sizes 2T-12 years)

Postman jacket size 7y

Raglan sweater size 3t/4t

Tank and undies size 3t/4t

Sleepy Robe size 18m-8y (email for pattern)

Muscle Tanks size 5

Reversible vest size 5T

Pool robe size 6-7

Rolled sleeve shirts size 6y

The tank 12m-14Y

Basic Tee size 4-5y

Kimono Top size 6m-8y (email for pattern)

Unisex vest size 12m-5y

Harmonica Jacket size 5/6y

T-shirt size 2t-4t

Hooded sweatshirt size 8y

Raglan size 4-8y

Woven shirt size 4y

Raglan Tee size 6y

PJ set size 4T

Raglan shirt size 18m-6y

Pajama Rama size 4t

Tank size 5/6y

Foxy Pajamas size 12m-8y

Raglan shirt size 6y

30 minute shirt size 1-8y

Batwing top size newborn-5y

Rohan hoodie size 2-6y

Raglan top size 1-8y

Scrubby Jams top size 2-5y

Holiday Vest 5 years

Boys Blazer 8 years

Big Boy sizes 9 and up
 Shirts, Tanks, Sweaters, Jackets, vests, ect.

The tank 12 months to 14 years

Oversized hoodie 12 years

Vest 4 to 11 years

Pants, shorts, underwear, swim trunks, ect.
~9 & up~

Sunny Day shorts 6 months to 12 years

Retro sweat pants 12 months to 9 years

Mesh pants size 2-10 years

Unisex sweatpants 2 to 10 years

Men (big boys at heart)
  1. Mens T-Shirt   (you need to sign up for her emails)
  2. Unisex Easy PJ Pants Hip size 31-49 inches
  3. Mens t-shirt size S, M, L, XL
  4. mens tie
  5. mens skinny tie
  6. Boxer hip size 40"
  7. Classic boxers Hip size 37" 
  8. City GYM shorts Hip 33-46

Please note that these are not my patterns. Please follow each websites rules of copyright and usage.
Any broken, mistakes or missing links you find please let me know in the comments so I can keep this page updated Thanks!!


  1. wow!! what a great resource for free patterns! thanks for including me in the list! I'l be releasing a free raglan shirt pattern in multiple sizes in Oct ;o)

  2. I'll keep that in mind! and thank you so much!

  3. This is an amazing list! great help! thank you... :-)

  4. Thanks for this list great resource in one place!!!!!

  5. Melissa A2:06 PM

    Love this list of simple patterns for boys, my daughter is learning to sew for her son.

  6. Thanks so much for your generosity. I didn't know you could print your own fabric, that is amazing! Does one have to have a special ink cartridge? Could you please guide me to a link where I could learn more? I live in Sunbury, Melbourne if there are any local places to go to. Thanks again


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