Free Boy Patterns

All of the below links have a pattern that you print and is free, enjoy! 
Please note that these are not my patterns. Please follow each websites rules of copyright and usage. Thanks! 

Toothless softie
Football softie
Mr. Roboto
Stuffed ninja
airplane sofite
Boy doll
fabric beach balls
bullseye stuffed horse
Stripey stuffed penguin
piggy pillow
stuffed alligator

Baby Boy Clothes (sizes 0-2)
Simply Summer romper size 12 months
Buttonup Romper size 6 months
Fleece Vest size 2-3T
Cargo Pants size 1 to 8 years
Tiny Exploreer Pants size 12 months
Retro sweatpants sizes 12M-12 years
Baby leggings 3 sizes  (you must sign up for their emails)
Just hatched leggings newborn
Charlie sweatshirt size 6-12 months
Tiny Harem Pants size 3 months
Baby tank top size 3 months
Tiny T (raglan sleeve) size 0-12 months
Small Fry skinny jeans size 2T
Little Kid kimono set size 0-3 months
Kids underwear size 2T
Knickers size 2/3T NOTE: this has a ruffle leave it off for a boy
Keaton coat size 2-3
Lani overalls size 2-3
Baby briefs approximately size 2
Sleep sack size 6 months-14 months
Envelope shirt sizes newborn-2T
Little boy vest size unknown
Newborn Baby cuffed pants
Overalls size 2T-3T
Simple shorts size 2T
Training undies size about 2T
Hooded vest size 2T-3T
Summer Shorts size 18 months (with instructions for printing up to 3T)
Jersey Dungarees size 3 months
Newborn Onesie
Baby jumpsuit size 6 months (Its in dutch so I did my best figuring out the sizing)
Reversible baby vest size 12 months 
Sarouel Pants size 2T
Leggings size 0-12 months
Reversible knit baby pants 3-9months
Shorts size 18months-3T
Shorts size 3 months
Jumpsuit/romper size 0-24 months
Baby sleep sack size 6-14 months 
Basic T-shirt pattern size 2-4 (scroll to bottom of post)
Taylor's pajama pants 6 months-8 years
Aidan's shorts size 6 months-8 years
infant hoodie lapped front size 0-3 months
Newborn baby pants  
Baby pants size 0-3 & 6-12 months
Suit Jacket size 12 months
Mens shirt baby romper size 6-12 months
Baby overalls size 6-12 months
newborn gown
basic boys pants size 2-3 years
button up shirt size 12-18 months
Unisex vest sizes 6m-5years
Summertime Romper size 18-24 months
Kimono onsie size 3-12 months
baby leggings size 9-12 months
boys pants size 2T-3T
Kimono size 6 months-8 years (you need to email her for pattern)
Tank top 12months-5T
fleece pants size 3 months-5T
baby boy button up shirt size 3-6 months
Long sleeved shirt size 12-18 months
Baby button overalls size 6-12 months
Cargo snap pants size3-12 months 
Baby skinny jeans 6 months

Boy Clothes (sizes 3 & up)
Easy Bermuda shorts size 1 to 8 years
Summer shorties size 12months to 8 years
Fleece vest size 4-5T
Cargo Pants size 1 to 8 years
Sunny Day shorts 6 months-12 years 
Retro sweatpants sizes 12M-12 years
Childrens T-Shirt size 4T (can also buy sizes 2T-12 years)
Postman Jacket size 7
Kid Casual pants size 3T/4T
Sailor pants sizes 18 months-6 years (you need to email her)
Knit shorts size 7
Rohan skater Shorts size 2-6
Sleepy robe sizes 18 months-7/8
Basic Boy Shorts size 4T
Charley Harper PJ pants Size 3T
Pajama Ramas size 4 
Cabana Shorts size 5  NOTE: these are girl shorts with a ruffle on the hem leave it off for a boy
Muscle Shirt size 5
Raglan sleeve sweater size 3T/4T
Reversible piped vest Size 5T
Capri's size 4 (for a girl but could easily be for a boy)
Child boxers size 5-6
Boy pants size 3T
Swimming briefs aprox size 3T
Shorts sizes 1-5 years
Japanese patterns tops and bottoms (In Japanese not sure of sizes)
PJ Pants size 18 months to 5T
Tank and undies size 3t-4t
Towel Robe size 4-7
Shortalls size 3T
Sailor pants size 2T-5T
Cute shorts multiple sizes (in another language)
Shorts size 18months-3T
Rolled sleeve Tee size 6
Basic Tee size 4-5
Kid shorts size 7 years
Kindergartner pants size 5
fleece pants size 3 months-5T
T-shirt trunks size 4 (with instructions for size 8)
itty bitty boxer briefs size 3/4
Potty training pants size 3T
Tank top 12months-5T 
Kimono size 6 months-8 years (you need to email her for pattern) 
oversized hoodie pattern size 12 years
Kid shorts size 3 years
Daniel trousers size 2-8 years
Unisex vest sizes 6m-5years 
Harmonica jacket size 5/6
Kid Pants pants size 2-3 years
Aidan's shorts size 6 months-8 years 
Taylor's pajama pants 6 months-8 years

Basic T-shirt pattern size 2-4 (scroll to bottom of post)  

Baby and toddler bean bag

Clothing Accessories & Shoes
Bow tie
Drool bib
 Baby & toddler Toms (link has a pattern to buy and a link to free pattern)
10 minute tie
Dino Hat and Bag
Shark Bag
Dribble bib
Baby animal hats
Monster hats size toddler, kid, teen/adult
Fleece slippers size 5/6, 7/8, 10/11
little man tie size newborn-5 years
4 in 1 reversible bucket hat size 2T-3T
baby shoes and other free patterns
frontier vest size 2-4 years
faux tie 3-5 years
real tie
baby skinny tie
he's all boy baby cap size 0-3 months
Baby knit baseball cap size 6-12 months

Fleece Knight helmet
dinosaur costume size 3-5 years
superhero cape
mini me apron size 2-6
Felt mask

toddler backpack
BackPack (toddlers)

Men (Because they are big boys at heart)
Mens T-Shirt   (you need to sign up for her emails)
Unisex Easy PJ Pants Hip size 31-49 inches
Mens t-shirt size S, M, L, XL
mens tie
mens skinny tie
Boxer hip size 40"
Classic boxers Hip size 37"