Grease Stains

This is a tutorial I posted on my family blog and transferred over here!

I am forever finding grease stains in B's clothes, its like he plays with it or something. Usually it is my favorite shirt and its so bad I have had to throw a lot of them away. Frustrating when I can't afford to buy new clothes or just plain don't want to!
I went on a quest to get the grease out of our clothes! I went to the store and there were a lot of products that said they would work but I didn't like the price especially when I didn't know if it would even work (I did try a few and they only worked occasionally)! I searched the internet and the suggestions all failed me one by one. So I cleaned my washer thinking it would solve the cause, nope still had grease stains! I changed detergent: didn't work. I then concocted my own recipe for grease stain removal, and the results were amazing!!!
Here is my recipe and method, it has worked on everything I have tried it on so far!

Ingredients: Dawn dish Soap (not the kind with BLEACH) and baking soda
I have used other dish-soap and it didn't work so be sure to use dawn

Do you see how bad the stains are?
This shirt was just pulled out of the dryer so it works even if you have washed and dried the stains.

Drizzle the grease stains with Dawn dish soap

Then cover with baking soda.
You need to let it soak for awhile; I usually let it soak over night.
It doesn't work if it doesn't soak!

Next you need to rinse out the mixture, with warm water, while rubbing the shirt together (I tried to take a pic of me rubbing but you can't really tell).

Hang till mostly dry and wash like normal!

*Update 8-2013 I no longer hang dry I just throw in the washer after rinsing and it seems to work just as well.

Ta Da! Looks brand new, well maybe not brand new, but there are no stains!