New Bag

Last October I won a contest on MADE for the runaround bag pattern. I have never won anything in my life before this and to win a contest on Made is like winning the lottery!
the pattern was easy, it it turned out great! The only thing I missed seeing is if you need to add the seam allowance after you print it, I went ahead and did add 1/2" (I'm glad I did too, it needed it) but I'm not sure if its the way printed it or what.

Ta-Da, Here it is! I am actually liking the fabric and colors.

I kind of messed up when I attached the lining I added some binding so the seams stay hidden and I actually kind of of like that pop of color.

I didn't do any pockets I just wanted a simple bag for carrying around to church or random outings.


  1. Beautiful. That blue will look nice with so many outfits :)

  2. Thanks you guys! I used it today and it was the perfect size!


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