Life updates and recap

 We have been on break this past two weeks and my husband, who started teaching high-school in August, was also able to be on break with us for the whole two weeks!

 Its been a nice break and much needed after a year with no breaks and one tiny vacation as a family. My husbands college he was attending had no breaks or holidays and when he graduated he went straight into a teaching job, which we were so grateful for! Hence this time off for Christmas was much needed :0)

 It also snowed for Christmas! We don't get a lot of snow here and usually it never sticks longer than a day or two but it has stayed around for two weeks!! We are missing our nice weather but I keep telling myself it only lasts for 2 months and then it starts warming up a bit.

 Yes our snowman is a half leaf man, haha! It really doesn't get too deep and with our trees snowmen are never "white", lol!

The boys decorated their room for the holidays and kept it clean until Christmas day, I was proud of them! Anyways I hope your break was good and you enjoyed family and friends too :0)

I'll be back with a tutorial and a giveaway within the next week so be sure to come back!