Sew Boy Halloween style!

Its the first day of October and Halloween is coming way too fast! We are still planning what my boys want to be and so I collected a great long list of some cute and fairly easy tutorials. Here is what made the line up I hope you find an idea here to inspire you!

Here are the costumes pictured above:

 Pair this Free cape Pattern with a mask or a painted on mask and let your boys save the night superhero style!
 I think if you pair the Dino sweater tutorial and the Dino tail tutorial you son could have the cutest costume! It would work for any age too ;0)
 sew a DIY dinosaur (dino) tail

 Peter Pan is a classic and with the new movie coming out I think more boys will want to be him! Here is the tutorial.

Step by Step Jedi Robe Tutorial
Star Wars is ALWAYS a great choice! The new movie is sure to have boys wanting to be there favorite character! Check out the Jedi Robe Tutorial and the Stars Wars one below for a complete costume!
DIY Kids Star Wars Costumes - Melly Sews - Tutorials

  Boo Costume Tutorialrev
 This little Boo was too cute to leave out and I think any toddler would steal the night if they wore this!

 handmade halloween mummy costume from NellieBellie; simple, easy, and tons of fun! #mummy #halloween #costume
 Running out of time? This costume is sure to be fun and is super easy with NO SEWING! Go here for the details!

Easy Jack Skellington DIY costume for Halloween!
 This Jack Skellington is quite creative and so much easier than I thought! Check out the tutorial here!

 Toothless is a favorite thing to be here in our home filled with boys and this tutorial is the best and easiest I've seen yet! Check it out!

 One more for the toddler or baby, this penguin is actually much easier than it looks and the tutorial is excellent!

That's all I have for today! I hope you all find something for the boys in your life and we'll chat soon! 
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