Floral Geranium

Right before Violet was born I made the cutest little geranium! I decided to go a different color route than I would have normally chosen and I love the combination!

 This is 3-6 month size and it looks like it will be fitting Violet in the fall so the colors are perfect!
I can just imagine this with a cute pair of cowgirl boots <3 I need to get some for my little girl! Do they come in baby sizes? I guess I'll find out!

 With this dress I finally mastered my button-holer!
I haven't used it much because button holes frighten me but this dress was the first I've ever made that I felt confident, they turned out great and were pretty quick compared to my other tries.

I haven't hemmed the dress in these photos, oops, blame it on pregnancy procrastination, lol!
The fabric was from my stash that might be from Joanns. It doesn't really wash the best and gets wrinkly so I'm not sure how it will hold up over time.

Pattern: Geranium Dress
Fabric: Joanns
Buttons: Joanns
Lace trim: Walmart