Hazelbee Baby Dress

When we found out we were having a girl I immediately wanted a woven dress pattern (the geranium) and a knit dress pattern that I could use as a staple for our baby girl. I asked my facebook group what knit dress pattern would be good and a lot of people recommended the Hazelbee Baby Dress so I purchased it and have been very pleased!

I made the crossover option since I wanted one for our girl to wear as soon as possible and the crossover is the only option in the bundle that goes down to 0-3 months. 

Here is our sweet girl wearing it! The fabric I used has very little stretch and fits her perfectly, well its a little big but that is perfect for a newborn :0) In this picture Violet is 6lbs 7oz so you can see it fits a small baby.

I really love how it fits and it was sooo easy to put on! I love that its a dress but the comfort of a newborn gown!

 The sewing was flawlessly easy and I finished it in under an hour, I think in about 30 minutes, which as I've mentioned before I am not a fast sewer. I go at my own pace which can take a bit more time ;0) this pattern was easy and had a layer option for printing that I've not had the privilege of using before, it was awesome! Seriously love this pattern! I need to make a few more for her, yes I need to even though her drawers are plumb full, haha! Girls I love finally having one!!!


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  1. I am really glad to come across this! I was just wondering the other day about baby girl dress patterns for the very little ones (not just toddlers and older, like so many). We don't have our anatomy scan for two more weeks, but I figure it's a 50/50 shot, so why not go ahead and look at cute dress patterns?


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