Boys in blue dresses

I recently bought the Caroline dress pattern and decided it was a perfect to make two for my nieces. My brother helped us put in a new tub and drywall in our bathroom and I felt like dresses would be the perfect payment, I'm sure he will agree ;0)

At this point I need to remind you I only have boys and I haven't yet given these dresses to my nieces yet so...two of my very lucky children got to "model" them for me.

 This dude actually loved wearing a dress, lol! I was seriously dying over how cute he was in it! If my husband and I ever have a girl we sure would make a cute one, haha!

 This guy made me pay him and promise not to show his face. It was a serious battle to get him in the dress I tell you but he did buy candy and a spider (at the dollar store, I don't pay that good!) and thought they were pretty cool prizes. I don't know why it was such a big deal to me to have a model but it sure was fun (insert evil grin)!!!

The pattern was so easy to follow! I have never done a zipper (aside from these shorts) and Hayley explained how to do it so well I never had one bit of trouble. The sizing seems pretty true to size from what I can tell (I did try it on my boys but I imagine they are similar to girls at this age?).

 The one tiny confusing part, for me, was after you did the collar and attached the full lining the instructions said to under stitch the collar if you wanted it to stay down. There weren't any instructions beyond that so I googled it but the only things I could find were how to under stitch a collar with facing and I couldn't do it with a full lining so I improvised and top-stitched right under the collar only. I think it will have the same affect.

Two dresses that are perfect for my cute girls

Ps. No boys were harmed in the making of this post, haha!