Turning mud into mud pies

I love my boys! Sometimes though having nothing but mud, bugs and farts is...interesting.

I have found that boys love playing outside (even if I sometimes need to initiate it at first) and when they don't go outside they are all sorts of grouchy and mean. They need it as much or more than I need them outside.

 I have always wanted a girl someone I can dress up, buy dolls for or chat about other things that my boys don't care for as much. Some of the things I wish I could do for a daughter I know is mostly fantasy, I mean not all girls like dresses or dolls! I suppose its natural to yearn for things you don't have, the grass is greener on the other side kind of thing.

 But something special has happened to my mind and heart since my Dad passed away and then again when my grandma also passed away. I finally internalized what having boys can be and what great joy they bring to my life!

 I am finally at peace with the mud, bugs and farts, in fact I rather enjoy it! I am excited to see what 4 boys will do for my life, what kind of adventures will they willingly bring me on?

 I realized when my grandma and Dad passed away that I want my boys to be like my Dad and my uncles. I admire her for raising 10 (yes 10!) children, 7 of which were boys; boys who all grew up to pretty amazing men, like my Dad. I want to raise boys like that.
 I have chosen to make my life more rich and full with what I have and love. I don't want these years to slip by with me wishing it were different or that I had more. I suppose you could say I have chose to turn mud into mud pies.


  1. Anonymous7:56 AM

    I LOVE This Post! You Are Incredible! Love The Perspective And Joy You Have Found!

    1. Thank you, it has been a journey for sure :0)

  2. What a fun post! Boys are fun creatures! I have twin boys that are 9 - what one doesn't think of - the other one does! Have a great week :)


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