Quilts, dresses and mom life.

This last week I was able to spend 2 days sewing with my sister in law! We are doing a quilt block exchange with some friends and need to make 16, 12x12” blocks. Boston (my sister in-law) encouraged me to try a log cabin quilt, it is a more challenging than any others I have done but I am excited about it! I didn’t get much done we were having too much fun talking, eating, laughing and rocking babies. I had a great time, the best time!

I’ve started a Caroline dress by Mouse House creations for my nieces. The sewing has been extremely slow. It has nothing to do with the pattern and everything to do with summer and all it entails. The kids have been home and we have been busy with doing yard work (a very little, ha!) , the splash park and sport classes intermixed with whining, fighting and  tantrums from being up too late and eating too many sugary treats. It’s the finer things in life, right? ;0)

All this time with the kids at home has really made me think and ponder about my home, specifically the cleanliness of it and my attitude. I often wonder if I let my home be messy if I would be a happier mom. Every mom I have ever met that allows their home to be messy and not be as uptight about the messes their kids make is happy, really happy. They seem to enjoy their hobbies more often than I am able to and their kids create without fear of being in trouble or the worry of how they are going to clean it up. At the same time I am perfectly aware of my own preferences, of what I can and cannot handle. I also don’t like to compare myself to others. This thought process helps me keep balance in my life and hopefully be a better wife and mom.  It’s a tricky balance isn’t it? 

I found out this morning that my Grandma passed away and it has me much more thoughtful about life today. She had 10 children and her first 5 were boys, I know how she must have felt when between her 5th and 6th she had a miscarriage and a woman told her “I hope it wasn’t the only girl you’ll have” and then the joy of finally having a girl! She was a first time mom during World War 2 and had to actually buy diapers because there wasn’t enough fabric with the rations to make them. Life is hard no matter what time period you live in, apparently. And yet isn’t the hard stuff what makes life worth living? Because when it’s good you relish it even more.