Boys hooded sweatshirt-Free pattern

I have a whole list ( I mean a huge list) of free patterns for boys and decided I should start making more clothing from those patterns and with that in mind I give you the Boys Hooded Sweatshirt

Carter always, always, wants to wear a sweater. He likes to be comfortable and his classroom is cold so a sweater is the natural thing for him to wear. I could have traced something or bought a pattern but  I was pleased to find a sweater pattern just Carters size on Shwin & Shwin, I love her patterns for boys, and the price was just right ;0)

 (I am in no way being compensated for this post nor am I affiliated with shwin&shwin. I like the pattern that is all.)

 He really is a sweet boy. Even though he is at an age I find very hard deal with, the silly age. Where they do anything and everything to tease everyone but don't try to tease back, I mean that brings on tears, ya know? Anyways 7 going on 8 yearold boys are hard for me. Good thing I get to do it four times right? ( I hope you can read my sarcasm) Despite the silliness I love this kid.

  Back to the pattern. I pretty much followed the directions except I did make the sweater reversible with only the seams attaching the hood and the wrist cuff being exposed seams on the reverse side. Simply because I didn't want to figure out how to make it fully reversible ;0).

I used regular knit fabric instead of a sweater knit. Because I made it it with regular knit (and thinner knit at that) I went ahead and doubled the fabric on the arms and front/back. It is a really nice weight now perfect for spring and cool summer nights.

This hood is my Favorite part! I really, really love the way it looks! I can do so much with this pattern as a base and it was easy, I like easy.

It was very easy to sew and the fit is pretty perfect, Loose enough for clothing underneath without being too baggy and room to grow = Perfect!
Do you want to make one too? Go here for the pattern and tutorial, its free, its easy and in a size 8.

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  1. It looks great! Very comfortable and very suited for boys :)

  2. Shantel, what a fabulous sweat shirt. I saw it posted to linky party on Someday Crafts: WGW. I am printing off the pattern now and so glad it is free. Planning to make one for my 7 year old grandson....He will love it.

  3. Thank you! It really is a great pattern and so easy :o)

  4. Shantel, I loved this sweatshirt you made. Downloaded the pattern and hope to make it soon for my 7 year old grandson.


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