Painting shirts

Last Saturday I decided it was high time to paint the boys Valentines shirts, ya know now that St. Patrick’s day and Easter are just around the corner ;0)

A tip to anyone with kids, make them wear old clothes or just have them paint without a shirt on, ok? It will save a huge headache later, I promise!
 The boys and I searched all over the house for appropriate painting supplies and came up with a car for the 
wheel treads, bubble wrap and a pencil grippy in the shape of a triangle. They all worked excellent!
 I did some paint on the elbows of a couple of the shirt too for an elbow patch look and I think it worked famously!

  A blow dryer to quicken up the drying process will make a project like this go much faster. Even with blow drying we weren't able to complete these until later that day. I am so excited to show you how well they turned out! Look for them next week, you'll love them!!

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