Its a bear, its a mouse, its a baby!

 For Halloween I made Parker a cute little bear/mouse vest (the boys and I couldn't decide which he was so he is one or the other depending on the day).  Isn't he the cutest thing ever?! He seriously melts my heart <3 
Ok on to the vest I didn't use a pattern I just traced around a shirt and kind of winged it. The hood is a bit crooked but it works and you can barely tell ;0)
I used the Tyedye Dives better baby pants (love that pattern!) and just cut off about an extra 1.5 inches from the side to make them into leggings. Next time I will do more since they were still a bit baggy. He wouldn't put down that little bottle of oil the whole time so I figured happy baby happy mommy and let him have it.

For the hood I used Kwik sews sewing for baby hood pattern (well I traced a hood I had made from that pattern ;0), I love that book!

I guesstimated for the ears and stuffed them with some polyfill to make them stick up. I used my KAM snaps (SO easy to use!) to close the front and wallah! a cute little vest that didn't take too much time and is super cute! He has been wearing it all the time so it wasn't reeaalllyy a Halloween costume just a super duper cute vest!
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  1. oh wow, that is sooo adorable!! Love the ears ;o) thanks for linking up to Create Link Inpsire.. I'm pinning this ;o) Emily


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