Christmas Elves- an elf on the shelf alternative

With all the Elf on the shelf craze my boys have been begging to have one at our house. I wasn't sure how I felt about it though and when I saw the Imagination trees kindness elves I thought that was closer to what I wanted to try.

I found these elves (affiliate link) on amazon and thought they were cute so I bought them and decided to try our own version of what I call Christmas Elves. You see they don't only do kind deeds but they look for Christlike children, they like to make children laugh (they don't encourage mischief) and they like to encourge ways to for my boys to help others laugh.

For the elves to keep a record I found these little books for the elves to record the boys behavior, I thought it would be fun to look back on the things they have done each year as a sort of journal. I also made some passports for the elves to travel back and forth to the north pole, which was probably useless but I had fun making them!

Here is what they found on December 1st and they were SO excited! The elves have been much loved and they are excited every morning to see them in a new spot or to see what Christlike activity they have planned each day!

This is the paper I made to go along with our elves since Broc insisted that there was supposed to be something we read. I think it turned out cute and you are welcome to copy and print if you like! If you do use it and like it please reference my blog :o)

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