Dasiy, Daisy here is a dress for you...

My niece Daisy was born last month I was so excited to have a little girl to sew for that I immediately knew I would make her a little geranium dress

 It sewed up quite nicely and was very easy! This was only my fifth dress I have made (not this pattern though) and the others were years ago so it is a very easy and satisfying sew. I added the lace trim on the waist to give it a vintagey flair. I'm not sure where I got the trim or fabric but they were perfectly suited for the pattern.

 My two nieces are the cutest things ever and so fun to be around after my 4 boys ;0) I have to admit after I went to see her in the hospital I cried the whole way home she was too precious and such an angel I couldn't help it!

I love sewing dresses! Its a good thing I have soooo many nieces so its really not too bad :o)
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  1. I love the fabric and trim that you have used. Daisy looks just daring in it #craftasticmonday

  2. very very cute!! thanks for linking up to Create Link Inpsire.. I love this dress...


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