Favorite boy patterns

I had this idea in my head for awhile to make a list of boy sewing patterns. I'm not sure I'll be able to make such a great list as there seems to be new ones every week but here are a few that I really like (some I have used other I have not)

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Image of Nowhere Man Pants 12m-10years 
 I really like these nowhere man pants they are easy to sew and the pairs I have made are among my boys favorite pants. Very easy and comfy! They do seem to run a slim through the hip and butt area so be sure to check the finished measurements on the pattern before you sew them up.

Image of Number 9 Trousers
 I haven't made these but I love the nowhere pants enough that I really think I would love these too! As soon as they go up to a 10 or 12 I'll buy them ;0) Broc is now wearing size 12 pants :0( so its getting really really hard to find some I like!
 Parsley Pants Sewing Pattern PDF
 I have almost purchased these Parsley pants a hundred times! I really love that they are one piece and that they are pants! I have some short patterns I like but to lengthen them is just too much work for someone lazy like me, haha!

 You knew I would post the Clean slate pants/shorts right? I have quite a few of these and they are great!

after-school shirt + pants sewing pattern
This pattern is one I really really really want to buy! After seeing all the great pants A Little Gray blog has made from these I am a believer that these are definitely for boys! (Despite the pattern picture)
Check out these, these, these, these and these. Are you convinced that they might be the best pants ever? I am but I still haven't bought them... not sure why.
 Anyways that is my list and I'm just realizing I only did pants, I guess Ill have to post about some shirts next, lol!

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