Simple Pj Pants for boys

Its that time of year when the weather is cooler and the boys have outgrown all their long PJ bottoms!

On a whim I took them to the store to and let them pick out the fabric they wanted for their very own pants.
 They all picked out very different patterns and fabrics
(Preston's are not pictured he would not cooperate and his are dirty to boot)

 These are the best fitting and easiest pants to make! I seriously made all 3 pairs in about 1.5 hours, that is fast for me since I tend to be a slow sewer.
 I don't measure and barley pin. By using existing pants these breeze by and its actually faster than using  a pattern!
UPDATE: I have a tutorial for these up and ready to go! go here ;0
  I'll have a tutorial for them on Thursday I still have some editing to do.
 These are quite simply the best pants ever and you can make them for adults too!