Sew Boy September 2014

Part of me doesn't like do a monthly post it makes the time seem to fly by! But I love looking for a boy tutorial that I haven't seen before :0)

 Here is a great tutorial for some PJ bottoms I really like the way she does the waistband with the elastic its very easy! Go here to check it out!

Hooded Bear Baby Vest Tutorial- Rae Gun Ramblings 
 This is the cutest bear vest! Any baby would look so cuddly it in it <3 Go here for the tutorial!

Make Your Own Lego Carrier: Pattern and Tutorial
 Boys (and girls) Love Legos there is no way around it so here is a tutorial for a Lego carrying bag such a great idea! Check it out!

This is a really good way to not only save money but recycle as well! Go here to check out how to make PJ's from a shirt and there's a free pattern for sizes 2T-4T :0)

Easy super hero cape tutorial - support I Am Super Capes children's organisation.
 This is a link to a Easy Super Hero Cape tutorial and while you are there check out the reason they are making and sending them to different countries! Its a good cause and a great idea! Go here :0)

On a side note I have over 500 boy tutorial pins on Pinterest! I couldn't believe it! Most are unique I try not to duplicate and most are actual tutorials not a picture of something cute, I was amazed I had collected so many!
Here are some of my recent pins:
Click on images to go to tutorials
 learn how to draft a pattern for a raglan shirt, then how to sew it up - it's easy!

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing my Scooter Buddy tutorial Shantel!! :)


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