Argyle anyone?

 I LOVE to sew with knits but occasionally I get the hankering to make something for my boys that is from woven material.

 Knits have far more variety than there used to be but I still would like the option to sew a shirt of some sort with woven fabric. SO I made one! I could have easily used my tutorial to make a button-up shirt I have found, however that my boys tend to not wear anything with buttons if they can help it. 

 This is more of a draft than anything since I used 2-3 tutorials, my own tinkering and its the first I've made like it. It fits Broc well although I still have some work to do on it but for now its ok. I'll grab a picture later when Broc is home so you can see it on :0) 

I'm kind of loving the sleeve hem! It was a complete accident that it turned out like that and I'm so glad it did!!

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