Back to school, life and blogging

 After a year of homeschooling we decided to put our kids back in public school. I loved homeschooling even though we had bad days/weeks it was something I truly enjoyed! But life and God seems to have other plans this year so after much prayer and personal reflection Jerome and I decided to send our boys back to public school. So far its going good, there are definitely things I don't like about public school but there are things I don't like about homeschooling as well. All in all its been a good thing and I'm grateful for the time I have in the mornings with just Parker.

 My Dad was recently diagnosed with Melanoma skin cancer and had to have a tumor removed from his brain. He still has 5 more in his brain, one in his lungs and also his adrenal gland. He is in stage four and it is metastatic. Consequently we are spending all the time we can with him and savoring every moment because we just don't know what the future will bring!

 My brother came home from a two year mission for our church, my boys seriously missed him and are super glad hes back. He can now teach them how to do back flips and other "cool" stuff. My two baby sisters got married (well ones getting married this Saturday), its been a game changer this year that's for sure!

I'm still adjusting to 4 kids, we did find out that my thyroid is hypo, possibly Hashimoto's, so that explains a lot of my bone-deep exhaustion! I'm doing better and bit by bit my sewing mojo is returning, thank goodness!!!

Parker is the best baby and I sure LOVE him! He has the cutest pout ever and is very spoiled, as he should be ;o)
Things will be a little different around here, I will continue posting SewBoy monthly, I will be updating and adding free boy patterns. I am also going to be doing more posts of things I'm into, sewing in general and hopefully some tutorials. My Goal is to post something once a week at the very least so I will be seeing more of you and I'm excited!!!


  1. That is very sad about your dad. Never give up hope-my sister in law was diagnosed with melanoma in 2007. It progressed to advanced stage 4 in 2012. She had 100 tumors all throughout her body, and 25 of them were in her brain. But she is down to only a few tumors right now. Miracles can happen!

  2. Your words bring me comfort! thank you!


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