Drool bibs for the baby

If you happen to follow my blog you probably think I must have stopped blogging; I haven't I'm just trying to get the hang of four kids! We recently completely re-arranged our house and since doing that I have sewn more than I did in the previous 4 months (you know twice, haha) before we re-arranged my machines were in the baby's room so I wasn't able to sew during nap time but now I can :0)

The first thing I have sewn in months is some baby bibs. Parker drools like crazy! I can't keep up with the outfit changes and I feel bad having him wear a wet onesie all day so the idea to make a few bibs was born.
 My cute chub is 4 1/2 months old can you believe it? Here is what the bibs look like on I felt like the size was pretty good especially for a drool bib ;0) I used this pattern and I also added it to my free patterns page under accessories.

 I made four and they are all reversible but I didn't realize that until after I had made two. So I used the same fabric or have the backside of the fabric on the other two.

 Parker Loves them because he can EAT them hahaha!

One more of my growing dude


  1. Adorable baby! Cute bibs!

  2. The bibs are cute and your baby is adorable! I bet four kids is hard for sure :)

  3. These baby bibs are so cute and it's good to know that these little bibs are also reversible. Although I am a huge fan of those colorful bibs, but I still appreciate the simplicity of this one and I like it. Your little model is so adorable!

  4. Thank you! I love them I need to make more since we go through all 4 everyday ;0)

  5. Those bibs can only be used for drooling. Do you use another bibs for feeding?


  6. Angela, They are a bit small but for his level of feeding right now they've been just fine :o) there are a few in my free patterns section that I am going to try soon!


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