Nursery reveal!!!

I debated about whether or not I should post pictures of Parker's nursery because while I love it and it turned out exactly how I wanted it isn't really that spectacular at least not compared to what some other bloggers have done.... But it is my blog and I'm proud of this little nursery!

The space we had for the nursery is quite small and I searched everywhere to find a crib that would fit and still be able to put things under it. I ended up getting a mini crib (this one) from amazon and I am more than happy with it! A big bonus is it folds up super easy and will be ready to pull out whenever we need it without having to worry about losing screws ;0)

 The stuffed animals are gifts from friends and grandma. The blanket was made by my mother-in-law.

 I used this tutorial for the crib skirt it took me literally 15 minutes to make (if that) and looks even better in person! 

 Here is a close up of the skirt back and how it attaches to the crib.

 For the bumpers I used this tutorial as a start but I didn't use the bias tape. I sewed the bumper fabric into a tube and threaded the batting through it. I made each section separate so I could take one off if I wanted.

(yes i know there is a debate about bumpers being safe I like to use them however until my little ones can move around. Too many times I have found their little limbs sticking out between crib bars turning blue so I choose to use them)

 The Love art was made by me using a box lid, fabric and a glue gun :0) the decals on the wall are images I found, printed, cut and stick glued to the wall.
 I love my little monkey I found as a free printable and added washi tape to make a frame.

I was very blessed to only need to purchase the crib and mobile all the fabric was from my grandma and I used my creative brain for the rest lol!

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  1. I love the crib Shanny! It all looks so good. I hope you are enjoying that precious angel! Give him a kiss from me :)

  2. It's adorable :)


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