P's new favortie pants

I made these pants before Christmas and before Parker was born but I hadn't blogged them yet. I am kind of out of commission right now with a newborn, plus I've been having complications and been super sick since little guy came so it was the perfect time to post these!

 I used Shwins nowhere man pants pattern this time in a size 4 it worked out pretty well!
The fit is a little big but that's fine since he'll grow into them.

 I accidently made the waist band a bit wider than I meant too so it sits higher than the pattern calls for. Oh well at least now I don't his little bum crack ;0)

I am really loving how easy this pattern is and I will be using it again and again I'm sure.
One bummer thing about sewing for kiddos is when they ruin something you made...like these pants for example now have a huge bleach stain on them :0/ How it got there I have no idea!

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