Master curtains

Slowly we (mostly I) have been adding elements of decor to our home and making over bits of our furniture as well. I decided that with a baby on the way we really needed curtains to help block the drafts that come from our windows at night.
 I had to make them out of very little fabric and was really creative in my cutting so I could have enough for all the windows in our room.
 Oh and excuse the pile on the right my husband had his "get ready for school after the break" pile there.

 The fabric is from my Grandma who passed away last year, I was lucky to be able to recieve a lot from her being one of her only granddaughters who sew. I love the delicate print and it reminds me of her especially since I had to be resourceful in my cutting she would have done the same thing ;0)

 I cut the fabric only 2-3 inches wider than the windows. I wanted more decorative than actual coverage so cutting it smaller gave me both some coverage and a simple decorative look. I made the ties by serging the edges of small strips of fabric and it has worked out quite well!

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