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I decided with KCW coming up I would share a few helpful things I have found and some tips to make you sewing more effective.
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#1. Don't let your kids get sick (o; Last year I had a lot of projects cut out ready to sew but my kiddos had hand-foot-mouth disease and that is where my kcw ended, lol!
#2. Cut out all you can this week, make sure to label the pattern and pieces, that way you won't have to worry about it next week and hopefully get more sewing done.
#3. Which should be #1, ha! Make a plan, write down the things you need to make, the things you want to make and how much time you have to accomplish it, even if you don't complete everything or even stick to your plan at least you will something to start with.
#4. Don't worry if you can't sew for an hour every day just do what you can!

Here are some helpful tools I have found, hopefully they will help with some of your sewing this next week!
Here is a tutorial for making 5 yards of bias tape from a fat quarter of fabric, there are many projects you can use bias tape for even if you don't have a girl, here are some tutorial using it, and here and here.


Now that you have a way to make a lot of bias tape here is a free printable from scientific seamstress for making your own bias tape maker.

Here another free printable from scientific seamstress for a folding template, I can't tell you how awesome this is it saves time and money!

On the Oliver and S site they have a free printable for a measurement chart to keep record of the kids you sew for. I actually printed this last week and already have used it 4-5 times it is so simple but brilliant! That was always the one thing that kept me from sewing for my boys was not knowing their measurements,now I have that all recorded and in my sewing notions drawer for easy access.

Remember to check out my free patterns tab at the top, I have found a lot of free boys patterns. Here are a few example of things I have found:

Toddler Shorts Sewing Pattern

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