KCW Day 1: Shirt to shorts

I made B another pair of shorts here is the before and after.

The shirt was a Large fitted long sleeved mens shirt. I had to use every single bit to make a boys size 8 shorts. 
I used the clean slate shorts pattern form Melly sews. A really great pattern the instructions are easy and the sizing is right on. My one and only complaint is that it only goes up to an 8 which B is already too tall for :o(

 Here you can see how I fit the pattern pieces on, I discovered that it didn't matter if my pattern had old seams in it because it really isn't that noticable with the print.

 As you can see I used every last bit of the shirt for these shorts!

 I used the existing shirt pockets for the back pockets, I think it worked out great even though I had to do some tricky maneuvering!

 Quick, comfy and cute = a perfect sewing project!

PS. There is a %15 discount on blank slate patterns this week take advantage of it! Here is the code: KCWSPRING13 Go here to purchase!


  1. I just found your blog through your post to the KCW Flickr pool. I hope that it is okay that I posted your shirt to shorts picture with a link back to your blog. If not I will delete it right away. Thank you for sharing such a fantastic boy pattern!


  2. Sure that's not a problem, I'm glad you enjoyed it!


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