Sew Boy January 2013

The first sew boy of 2013! I have to admit I never thought I would still be doing these, I thought I would run out of stuff and ideas but a lot of people are posting more and more stuff for boys, its great!

(Click on images to go to tutorial)
 Handmade Martini had the most awesome idea for making your adjustable pants, seriously why did I never think of it? It is a great tutorial so be sure to check is out!

 Have some old T's laying around? The works has a free pattern and tutorial for a raglan T-shirt. I love T-shirts and free is really nice too!

Smallfacotry has a free jacket pattern and tutorial. Love the design add some big buttons and it would make a really cute pea coat for a boy or girl!

Cheer your child's day shared a free tutorial and pattern to make your own stuffed ninja!  If your boys are into ninjajos they would LOVE this!

PS. remember to check the free boy patterns tab at the top.


  1. I'm flattered by the feature! Thank you!

  2. Thank you for appreciating my tutorial ... I love it


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