New fabric!!!

 As I was shopping at Walmart I decided to check out their fabric department, boy was I surprised to find some Gorgeous knit fabric and here is the kicker it was....$1 a yard!!!!

 The floral isn't knit fabric but the rest are! I bought several yards of each, usually I only buy a yard but it was soooo cheap I bought a lot more!

You want to know another cheap source of fabric? Sheets. 
These ones at my Walmart are $4.97 I bought this to back a little quilt I have been working on. It isn't 100% cotton but I thought it still felt good for what I needed it for. The twin sheets are the best bang for you buck because the next size is $9.97 and you only get a little bit more fabric.


  1. Yay for good finds! Also, I really dig your bedspread. Source?

  2. I received the quilt as a gift but I think they got it at TJmaxx.


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