P's christmas Jammies

P was willing to model (after some bribing) He loves his jammies and so do I, I just want to squeeze him in them he looks so fluffy!

 I used the same patterns as B's but in a smaller size (naturally). Actually all my boys were the same patterns I just changed up the fabric and sleeve/torso colors. Its kind of nice that they are all 2 years apart because I just find B's size and skip down 2 to find the next size and so on, lol!
(Well mostly see below)

 Unilke B, P is on the small side and I really should have made him a 3 in his pants instead of a 4 same with the shirt, oh well live and learn  (and then measure)!

 I hemmed them up 2-3 inches and they still are quite big but so are all his size 4 pants so the pattern is sized right, imo.

I made the pants using a bunch of fleece that my sister-in-law gave me, the shirts were made from old shirts and knit I had on hand so the project was nearly free!  I LOVE projects like that!

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