Baby boy gown

My friend had a baby recently so I made my favorite go-to gift, a baby gown.

 I used my favorite Kwik Sew pattern 3090 which I have used so many time I have it memorized (0:

 I used a double needle along the neckline, I've never done that before and I like the results!

My serging skills are improving!!!


  1. I always loved those little gowns and this one you made is so cute and looks so professional :)

  2. Looks professional!

  3. Thanks guys! Amy I know I love them too soo much easier to deal with diaper changes the first little while!

  4. Yes, it does look professional!

  5. Woah. This totally looks store-bought. Seriously I am amazed right now. Your sewing skills are amazing! Every stitch is perfect and your serging is perfect too. Nice work Shantel, seriously I'm really impressed. That fabric is really cute too.

  6. I have this pattern. It looks like I misplaced the sleeve pattern piece to make the gown. I wish I knew where ti find a copy of the sleeve.


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