Sew Boy Halloween

Halloween Sew boy edition!
I know most of you probably have your costumes but for those of us that like to procrastinate here are some last minute ideas that could jazz up any costume!!
 Have a cape but need a superhero logo? this site has a few free printables that you could add anywhere to customize their costume! 
(click on the pictures to go to tutorials)
Felt mask
A mask could jazz up any boy or girls costume, this one is nice since it is so versatile.
Have a tight budget or just want a simple idea? Add dinosaur pikes to a sweater and some eyes and you have a cute little dino already for trick or treating!

 A batman mask for those die hard boys who want a "unique" twist to their costume.

 A cute hat pattern for the littles to keep their ears warm while tricking people out of their candy!

Halloweens Past:
I didn't make costume this year (I found some awesome deals at a thrift store) but here are some things I have made my boys in the past. They are simple enough that you could just add details to things you already have on hand or buy a few things to add to.

 I made simple leggings and a long sleeved shirt for the base costume and added B's initial for the superhero element. I thought having his own name instead of the normal superheros would be fun and he loved it!
 I then added a simple cape made out of felt to complete his costume.

For this little guy I made this peter pan outfit using this tutorial. For his top I had a shirt that fit him like a night shirt then I cut the bottom in a zigzag and the sleeves too. I used regular leggings and made the belt, hat and sword (although its hard to see).

These Scooby outfits were made using a pattern I made by tracing pants and a long sleeved shirt (or you could buy sweat pants/sweater and not make them) and sewing them together with a hood added. On the top I added floppy ears and some spots, the collar was a tube of knit fabric with the tag sewn on.

I hope these help you come up with your own last minute ideas!
Happy Halloween!

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