Yellow Striped Tee

I have a tub full of clothes that don't fit right, need to be dyed ect. so I toss them into my refashion tub. This long sleeved shirt fit perfect but was too faded and oldish looking to wear anymore. After going through my bin I decided it was high time to try painting a shirt for me since I had nothing to lose!

 I love the way it turned out! It fits great and looks soooo much better now!

I even made sure the stripes matched on the side (going the extra mile doesn't happen often!) It isn't quite as stretchy as it was before so I wouldn't try this on anything that fits tighter than this. Also I didn't have enough fabric paint so I mixed what I had with the same color of acrylic paint we'll see how that works when I wash it (0:


  1. What a great idea! I love the result!

  2. Cute! It turned out nicely - how did you do the stripes? I've seen others tape them off, but I like the variety in yours.

    Jess @ Tupelo Creative

  3. Jess, I used a piece of paper as a ruler of sorts and thats what created the irregularities in the lines. I also used two different sized brushes, I hope that helps!!

  4. Did you see this? http://www.itsalwaysautumn.com/home/2012/11/12/add-stripes-with-fabric-paint-sweater-refashion.html

  5. I didn't! It looks like great minds think alike!


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