Chevron curtains

I needed some curtains for below my sink, the old ones were too smokey smelling to keep (and were UGLY) and I really didn't like seeing all my junk under there everyday.
Here is a mini tutorial of how I did it:

I used an old sheet that I folded in half length wise and cut in the center fold for two curtains. Then I measured out the 31" that I needed for the length.

I also unpicked one side of the sheet so it gave me another 1 1/4" in width that I needed.

 I used the thick hem for the bottom of the curtains and just serged the edges on the sides and top (or you could zigzag) folded over and sewed. I folded over 1 1/2" on the top for the rod to go through and sewed, leaving the edges open for the rod to pass through.

 For the chevron design I folded over some paper in half lengthwise and cut it at the angle I liked.
I then cut it again giving me the width I wanted (see below picture to understand better).
 I traced this on top and bottom to make the pattern, I did have to wing some of it since the ends are funny shaped. I then painted in between the lines I had traced.

 TaDa!!! They are pretty and I like them! I do kinda wish I had a white sheet but this worked pretty good too.
Now all my junk is hidden, yay!