Sew Boy Week 12

Sew Boy
Its Saturday again! I started working on this before 5 am, so if I don't make sense you will know its because I should have been sleeping :0)

Cluck cluck sew has the best idea for keeping puzzle pieces together!

Here is a free pattern for simple baby pants. There are 2 sizes available 0-3 months and 6-12 months. I used it for these pants I just lengthened them to the bottom of the page (when you print it out) for size 18-24 months.
homemade baby pants

Julie made the most awesome Jedi quiet book ever!
(Thanks for the tip Adeela!)

Erica shows you how to make a faux vest for a onesie!

ikatbag has a tutorial for these cute cuffed pants!

Patterns to buy:

Hot Scot patterns has quite a few boy things to make and they all look so fun to make!
Go here
Nolan Cap & Snack Sack Cover

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If you have an idea, a post of something boy on your own blog or found one you'd like to share, please let me know so I can add to the Sew Boy Week!

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  1. thanks so much!
    that faux vest onesie is amazing!


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