Easter ideas

Here are my booked marked Easter ideas! I really wish I could make them all but...I am sort of a last minute person, I do almost everything last minute. Easter is no exception, I have not done one thing for my kids baskets yet and I only have a few days left! So if you need more ideas then here are mine!

I think this is a sweet bib for babies for Easter. Go here for instructions and free pattern.


Finger puppets are very entertaining so make some! The tutorial is great too!

I am making this bunny for P and maybe C too...we'll see
They are so squishy looking I love it!

These Marshmallow plushies are so yummy looking! I don't usually like marshmallow things but I have almost bought them to try because these bunnies look so good (even though they are made of fleece!).
marshmallow bunny plushie pattern and tutorial

I really wish my boys liked dolls and stuffed things more because I really love these bunnies. Hey that is a great idea I'll make me one!

I just want to kiss those cute cheeks, don't you? The tutorial is here (for the hat not the cheeks :0)

This is the cutest blanket! go here for instructions and pattern.

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  1. Love these ideas - especially the bunny hat. How cute!

    Happy Easter and God Bless,


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