Ring around the onesie

We are really gearing up for the babies arrival! 6 more weeks :0) I'm excited but incredibly nervous too, I think each baby we have I get more nervous and quite honestly scared! This time I have new thoughts, on top of old fears, about how we are going to be having a girl and I'm not sure what if any changes that means for our family! But we are excited and at this point I really hope the ultrasound isn't wrong, lol!

A new free pattern I have discovered this pregnancy is the Ringer onesie from Shiwnn designs. Its a really easy sew and quite satisfying!

 I learned a few things that helps make this not frustrating, the first thing is to make the neck and leg bindings 2-3 inches longer than needed, sometimes depending on the fabric there just isn't enough to go all the way around and its better to be safe than have to unpick it. 

The Second thing is to stretch like the pattern says but if you stretch the neck binding too much it won't recover as much. Thus this cute pleated neckline on this onesie ;0)

After comparing these finished onesies to some store bought ones I have, I think the 0-3 month size is closer to a 3-6 month at the store, but I won't know for sure for a little while. Also its a more relaxed fit compared to store bought as well, which is completely fine if you're okay with that for what you have planned and I was!

This one is my favorite! I used interlock for the bodice and knit fabric that had spandex in it for the neck and leg bindings it worked better than any of the others, and the fit looks like it will be better too.

I used my handy Kam snaps for the bottom and it really pulled everything together to have them so nicely, and easily, done!

All in all I think this is a great pattern! I really think boys could probably use it as well so its gender friendly too ;0)