Button Up Shirt Tutorial

Part 2 of different shirts you can make with one pattern.
It can be worn regular or turned up for a more modern look!

We will be using the pattern you made for the boys T-shirt.
Cut out the sleeves and back piece just like we did for the T-shirt.

The front will be different than the boys T-shirt. Cut two front pieces, piece #1 add two inches and piece #2 add 1 inch.
We will be folding over at the 1" mark, so make sure you mark where the pattern ends on both front pieces and for piece #1 the 1" mark as well.

Both Front pieces

Back piece

By adding the 1" and 2" it makes it so the shirt front can overlap and button.

Serge, zig-zag or fold over 1/4 inch, iron and fold over again on both center front flaps.

Fold over at the 1" mark and iron flat.

See how it will overlap?

Sew along the very edge of the center front piece you just serged, folded over or zig-zagged. I followed the inside right foot on my straight stitch foot.

Now we will serge or zig-zag the neck pieces on front and back pieces.

Right sides facing eachother, match the front shoulder pieces to the back piece and sew together. It should look like this when finished.

I chose to do the collar before the sleeve but you coul
d add it last.

For the collar I measured the finished neck and shoulder pieces for the approximate length add seam allowance about 1/4" and made it 3 ½" wide (this shirt is size 7).

Sorry I thought I took pictures of this part but didn't.

Fold in half right sides facing each other and sew the ends together flip so the wrong side is now inside and iron. Fold the ends in and iron so they are tucked inside the collar.

Start at one end, pin (Optional: Start 1/4" from the edge of the center front piece) and sandwich you shirt neck area in between your collar piece tucking the ends inside so they can't be seen.

See how you can't see the raw edges of the collar?

They are tucked inside.

Start at one end and sew.
I like to sew on the front so I can see what I'm doing but do whatever works for you!

Do the sleeves just like in the boys T-shirt.
Or if you sew the sides first then do that, this is just how I do sleeves.

Whew! Here we are so far!

Now match up the center of your seams, pin and sew.

When you come to the corner stop with your needle down, lift your pressure foot and turn.
Continue to the bottom of your shirt.

Ta-da! It is the shape of a shirt!

Now we get to do buttons!
I was going to make my own tutorial, but I decided that Dana had already done a great job so go here and follow her instructions.
You could just do Velcro or snaps as well.

Lastly serge, zig-zag (or fold over 1/4 " and fold over again) all remaining raw edges, fold over and sew.

You are done! Look at that nice shirt your boys can wear now!
This shirt is quite fast to make I would say about 90 minutes maybe less, I'm kind of a slow sewer!

Please let me know if this even makes sense!