My Vintage Kenmore

This is my vintage Kenmore! I don't really have a name for her I call her a few things like Vinny, Kenny or Vintage Kenmore! And a few other things when I mess up.....

I bought her at a thrift store for $30 she was missing a pressure foot and some other things I wanted so I purchased more accessories on eBay for $30.
She has adjustable pressure, can drop her feed-dogs and has all the the basic stitches plus some stretch ones, without using any cams.

I put cams here to add more stitches.

The buttonholer is so easy! I hook everything up and push the pedal, yes it is that easy! The only downside is that I have to do the sizes shown on the rectangle thingy on the right, luckily I have two so I have 8-9 options to choose from.

All of my accessories are stored in this little box. The one I bought has everything! Even a nifty foot called a Q-foot, it is made for sewing with knit fabric and I LOVE it!
The discs are my cams I have more but that is all that fit in this box.

See all the stitches it can do? Some of my favorites are the fish, trees, hearts and the vines. I only did a few of them, there are just too many!
For $60 I got everything on my wish list. I know lower entry Berninas (aka Bernette) sell for at least $300 and doesn't have all the features this does! Did I mention it sews great? Well it does. I haven't had one bit of trouble with it even when quilting.


  1. I have sewing machine bargain envy :o) what a great buy! I have a bernina and she cost me a fortune and she is so temperamental. All the accessories are expensive too. I want a vintage kenmore now.

    1. Kenmores really are great machines! I have a Bernina as well and the cost of feet are a major sour point for me too!

  2. Anonymous12:28 PM

    Great find! I love the sampler of stitches.

    1. It was a great find and those stitches were the best part!


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