Summertime adventures!

I thought I would pop in and say HI! We are still in the waiting process for our home but hopefully in the next 2 weeks we will be able to move in, I'm excited :0) Needless to say all that we have been doing is packing, cleaning, paperwork and trying to do some summer stuff on the side.

 We have a river nearby and I took the boys there one evening to splash in the shallows and build a mud kingdom. It was a favorite activity this summer so far!

 I had to keep a constant eye on this dude or else he would jump in the swift part, luckily he has learned since that water is to be feared ;0)

 Their personality's are all so interesting I love seeing their differences come out as they are getting older.

 Boys and mud are like PB&J they go together!

 I was pretty amazed at my boys knowledge of plants, insects and animals while we were there. I guess our "science" sessions in the back yard (aka them playing) have sunk in more  than I anticipated, homeschooling win!!

 This little guy is such a delight! Except for when he's not, haha ;0)

I miss my sewing machine and sewing but it will be another month probably before I get to sewing again, boo hoo! In the meantime I hope your summer has been awesome and you enjoy the last little bit that there is!

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