Mr. Parker and his new shirt

Parker seems to get most of the new  handmade clothing these days, I just can't help it! Hes at the age that seems to slip by so quickly, and then *poof* its gone! Plus he doesn't have hand me downs since there is nearly 5 years between him and Preston so he needs them, lol!

 He also doesn't realize that most boys don't like baby dolls, especially to have their picture taken with them ;0) But he loves his baby he received for Christmas, and does everything with him.

 Boy toys get old after you have dealt with them for nearly 11 years and through 4 boys so I was happy he wanted a different kind of toy than the others (well this year anyways, as all my boys have had a baby doll in their toddler years).

I'm in love with his chatter to his baby and wish I understood what hes trying to say! I'm afraid he may need speech therapy in the future as he is barely starting to say words we can understand and is 26 months, time will tell I suppose. Anyways I'm sure you are more interested in the pattern deets so scroll on down!

  The shirt was made using the flashback skinny tee which has become the most used pattern I have ever bought! I sized it up to a 2 this time and I am loving the fit even more than usual with this drapey knit I found at Walmart, it seriously is the perfect knit fabric! I think it was on sale for $1 a yard but it is not $1 quality!!!

The neck binding was done with a double stretch needle and I added the pocket by eyeballing it.. Speaking of double needles make sure to use the ones listed as stretch or it will not work on your knit fabric, I know they always say that and sometimes you can get by with a universal needle, but for the double needle on knit just don't even try it, ask me how I know, haha!


  1. So thankful, sewing shirts!

  2. Lovely pattern! My little boy (3yrs) has a toy doll and enjoys playing with it too. We try not to distinguish between 'boy and girl' toys, but I'm sure when he starts school and is subject to peer pressure it will change. A bit sad really, but there you go.


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