Boys like dolls too.

For Christmas this year I bought Parker a baby doll and he absolutely loves it! My older brothers gave me a lot of flack for getting him a doll but I think its good for him to learn good "Daddy" skills while he is willing too ;o)
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Ever since Thanksgiving at Grandma Jones house he has been loving babies and I knew it was the perfect time to purchase a doll for him! I bought this baby boy from amazon after searching far and wide for a small, soft body, boy baby and I couldn't be more pleased! He is just the right size and such a cute little thing!

I went ahead and made a small bag for Parker to carry his babies gear and toy cars, of course ;0) I made it up as I went but it turned out great! If I ever figure out our scanner I'll post the pattern.

Next I made these tiny diapers so he could change his boy, it has been a big hit and he loves taking the diapers on and off! I made the pattern for these as well and am quite pleased with it.

 I ended up making 3 diapers, a bag and a teeny tiny blanket for him to wrap up his baby in. I went a head and bought a little stroller... that was pink, it was only $5 and I couldn't justify a blue one for 4 times that amount, lol! I didn't really care and neither did he as it turns out!

They are the best of friends and Parker drags him on many outings and sleeps with his baby every night and at naptime. I am basking in my only doll loving child as I know it will be short lived...sigh, I LOVE it!

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