flashback skinny tee for the bub

 I caved and bought the flashback skinny tee pattern from Rae, I don't know why it took so long since I will get a ton of use from it buuuttt I just didn't want to spend the money! Now I can see it would have actually saved me $ and time if I had just bought it months ago!

 It turned out quite well and I didn't even measure Parker first! I just made the 12 month size and hoped it would work, I don't always measure since it can be a pain and I usually regret it, this time was an exception however!

 The fit, oh the fit! Its so perfect! And the sewing was very easy...although most T-shirts are easy I just liked that the fit was spot on and that makes sewing sooo much easier :0)

 Ok so... I'm done.... but I'll share just a few more of this hunk of cuteness! Isn't he dreamy? <3 <3

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